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Note10 launch ridiculousness

I have been a long standing customer of Best Buy.  All of my cell phones and most of my tech have been bought through Best Buy - even my samsung TV's.  After this latest debacle, my opinion has been very soured.  This is the second PRE-Order that Best Buy has messed up on me.  The last being the Note 8 preorder. I figured - give the benifit of the doubt.  A mistake I will not be making again.    


I preordered my Note 10+ at the Best Buy Menomonee Falls, WI Store 4 days after preorders started on the 13th.  I STILL do not have my phone.  I have also spent OVER 18 hours on hold (YES - I have my call logs from both my office phone and cell phone to back this up), to get the issue resolved.  To get through to someone I had to wait on hold for 4.5 hours.  This was an issue that I resolved with Verizon 10 minutes on their chat and 5 minutes on the phone, WHILE on hold with Best buy customer service.  To which the lady whom I spoke to on Saturday said, Oh verizon had this resolved already, we just never processed it on our side.   Now it is the 26th and I was just told on chat that it will be OVER a week before I get my new phone.  I am beyond upset and frustrated.  IF i could have, i would have cancelled and gone through a different vendor.  Unfortunately, this isn't an option because I had opted for a free phone and new line on my account.  So I would be penialized for cancelling.  Just like Iam being penalized for pre-ordering through Best buy.    So to be told today - that I cannot get my phone for over another week has me beyond livid and has done sever damage to my opinion of Best Buy.  I have called repeatedly to get someone to help me.  I even called the store to see if it could be switched to pick up - since the sales guy told me i would have it on or BEFORE the 23rd release date if I had it shipped to my home.


A recap:

I preordered 4 days after release

I spent 18+ hours on the phone trying to get the issue resolved and it took 4.5 hours on the phone to do so.  

I am still waiting for my phone and can't be given a ship date.


This is how you ruin a good relationship w customers. 


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Re: Note10 launch ridiculousness

All i want is to be able to switch the unit from shipping to in-store pick up.  So i can go get it as soon as possible.  I have a person w a broken cell phone that needs replaced and this delay is very inconvenient. And costly since I'm paying for a phone that cant be used properly.

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Re: Note10 launch ridiculousness

Hello, Wckdqt,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums! I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience regarding your Note10+ pre-order. This looks like an amazing phone, so I can understand wanting to get it as soon as possible, especially if there's a broken phone needing to be replaced. 


I'd be happy to take a look into your order with you to determine what options, if any, there may be available to get the phone to you. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the order number? To send me a private message, simply use the button in my signature below. 


I hope to hear from you soon!



Melissa|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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