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Not honoring a price match

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Hi - i was told a price match was honored on 3/21, took screenshots of the chat and had the chat transcript sent to me. Now Customer Service is saying they don't have record of the transcript. However, I do and the sale prices are no longer active. I need the refunds ASAP. Below is transcript. I also have it in my e-mail and have additional screenshots. 

Interaction ID

{removed per forum guidelines}


ChatBot (22:04:34 GMT) : Beginning of a non-XXX bots history message(s).
ChatBot (22:04:34 GMT) : XXX-03-21T22:04:25.XXX-00:00USER: BOT:Hi, I am your automated Agent. Select an option or type your question below.
ChatBot (22:04:34 GMT) : XXX-03-21T22:04:31.XXX-00:00USER: Help with a PurchaseBOT:We are connecting you with the next available Agent.
ChatBot (22:04:34 GMT) : XXX-03-21T22:04:31.XXX-00:00USER: Help with a PurchaseBOT:We are connecting you with the next available Agent.
Visitor (22:05:08 GMT) : hi, will you price match apple on the macbook air?
Visitor (22:05:17 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Visitor (22:05:26 GMT) :
Laura M (22:07:56 GMT) : Hello, we hope you have been having a good day! Let's review the account to check out the options for resolving the inconvenience about your concern.
Visitor (22:08:33 GMT) : no issues, just wondering if you would price match. did you see my previous messages?
Laura M (22:10:11 GMT) : Yes ! We can help you with the price match !
Laura M (22:13:34 GMT) : Could you please give me the order number ?
Visitor (22:13:56 GMT) : I haven't placed an order because I was waiting to here if you would price match first
Laura M (22:18:34 GMT) : The only way to do the price match is if I place the order for you, is this okay ?
Visitor (22:19:18 GMT) : If I place the order, can't I just give you the order number and you refund the difference? hence you asked for the order #
Visitor (22:19:25 GMT) : I will place the order now
Laura M (22:20:06 GMT) : Okay, let me check one more thing and I will let you know if the price match is possible
Laura M (22:23:02 GMT) : Yes ! we can price match this !
Visitor (22:24:05 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Laura M (22:25:00 GMT) : Thank you so much ! For this could you please give me your phone number?
Visitor (22:25:07 GMT) : XXX-XXX-XXXX
Laura M (22:26:56 GMT) : thank you much ! just a moment more
Laura M (22:33:57 GMT) : Please allow me a few more minutes while I check the account in order to  do the price match
Visitor (22:35:16 GMT) : ok
Laura M (22:38:42 GMT) : Thank you so much !
Visitor (22:39:44 GMT) : all set?
Visitor (22:40:02 GMT) : do you price match costco?
Visitor (22:40:15 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines} i just saw they have this on sale which is a huge discount
Laura M (22:40:24 GMT) : let me check this !
Laura M (22:40:38 GMT) : Yes !
Laura M (22:40:53 GMT) : but you want the apple Price match or costco ?
Visitor (22:42:48 GMT) : they are two different items
Laura M (22:45:38 GMT) : Okay !
Laura M (22:45:45 GMT) : one moment more please
Visitor (22:45:51 GMT) : has the price match for the air been initiated?
Laura M (22:46:01 GMT) : Yes !
Visitor (22:47:02 GMT) : thanks. I am going to do one more order if you could price match that as well
Laura M (22:48:40 GMT) : Perfect !
Laura M (22:48:51 GMT) : I will do my best to help you with the other one
Visitor (22:49:32 GMT) : same item!
Visitor (22:49:59 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Visitor (22:51:54 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Laura M (22:55:35 GMT) : Thank you so much just a moment more !
Visitor (23:01:07 GMT) : thanks! when should I see the refunds hitting my card?
Laura M (23:02:48 GMT) : In a week or less !
Laura M (23:02:57 GMT) : I al ready process both price match
Visitor (23:04:17 GMT) : thanks! so both will total the 899.99 and I will see that in a week or less?
Laura M (23:05:26 GMT) : Yes !
Laura M (23:05:42 GMT) : Your satisfaction means everything to us, have we covered all the inquiries you wanted to discuss today?
Visitor (23:06:28 GMT) : I believe so. thanks!
Visitor (23:08:55 GMT) : does the refund just go back to my card?
Laura M (23:09:01 GMT) : Yes !
Laura M (23:09:13 GMT) : It was totally my pleasure. From Best Buy, we wish you and your family a wonderful week.  Please close the interaction, and complete a short survey. We appreciate your feedback.
Visitor (23:09:25 GMT) : to confirm, BOTH orders were credited?
Visitor (23:09:31 GMT) : both would be 899.99 + tax?
Laura M (23:12:04 GMT) : Yes ! both
Laura M (23:13:51 GMT) : Since we have reviewed the best resolution process for your request, may I assist you with something else?
Visitor (23:14:43 GMT) : no. can I leave you feedback anywhere?
Visitor (23:14:45 GMT) : you were great
Laura M (23:16:02 GMT) : Thank you so much ! It was totally my pleasure, once you close the chat window you cna leave the feedback. Have a wonderful day

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Re: Not honoring a price match

Hello again, MacbookHelp69,


Thank you for reaching back out to us on our forum. I also love getting the best deal on products, so I can understand wanting to take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee when it comes to a high value item like a MacBook Air. I have this kind of laptop, and I love it! I'm glad you reached out to us about this chat you had with an Agent online, and I'm happy to review your account and history in our system to see how I can help moving forward.

To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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