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Not able to place an online order

This problem started last year during Black Friday sales. I try to place an order. The order goes through but within an hour I receive an email saying my order has been cancled because they could not verify my information. After several failed attempts and calls to customer service they opened a ticet with the next level support. after 3-4 weeks of me calling for an update and no change in status I gave up. I never did hear back.   I made a few in store purchase over the last year and earned some rewards.  During this black Friday event I ran nto the same issue. I probably place 20 orders over a 2 day perod and all of them went througn and them were canceled. I tried 2 different credit cards and pay pal as methods of payment. After multiple calls to customer service and even the customre service representative placing the order on my behave there is still no resluton.  They opened anoter ticket on 11/22/18. I just got of the phone (12/6/18) 2 weeks later and no status updates, no communications from the suport team asking for information and I still can not place and online order. In the last two weeks I have made 6 purchases for the holidays that I first attempted to buy from Best Buy, One was a 50" Samsung 4K UHD tv that I ended up buying at Amazon because I could not get Best Buy to process my order. If I don't hear something within a week I am done with Best Buy.  This used to be my go to store for all electronics, computers (I have bought my last 4 computers over the past 15 years at Best Buy) movies and music. Most were in store purchases but if I can't get this resolved I will not be back. Target and Amazon, here I come.