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No response or updates on my eBay Store purchase

It's now been over a week since I purchase two video cards from best_buy via your online eBay store.

The purchase went through and my credit card was immediatly charged (they never seem to wait on getting paid) but since then I've not been able to get any response from them via the Contact form on eBay. 


One item I was sent a tracking number for but the item has not shipped, just a tracking number saying that it's will ship at some point.

The second item there has not been any updates. 

I tried to cancel the items at this point but I was told I can do that via your eBay store. I just have to wait until it shows up and them return it to one of your stores. 

So honestly this experience has been awful. Frankly I will never buy another item online like this. 

I've called your customer service number listed on the eBay Store page as well, and this usless as well. The Customer Srevice rep has no imformation about anything realted to the online store sales.

Hmm this reminds me of how Circut City used to act towards it's customers. I wonder what ever happend to them by the way?

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Re: No response or updates on my eBay Store purchase

Hello, showcasefloyd,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thank you for taking the time to create an account with us. Placing an order should be a time of excitement, so it hurts me to learn that hasn't been your experience when ordering video cards via our eBay page. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience we can; we know an important part of this is having products arrive quickly. That's why it's disappointing for me to learn your order hasn't gone as we had planned!


I can understand why it would rub you the wrong way to not see any updates on the tracking for either of the video cards. As someone who likes to keep a close eye on my tracking details, that would stress me out.


You mentioned that you called support for help with your eBay order, but they couldn't assist. When you place an order through our eBay page, you would need to send us a message while logged in to your eBay account to get support with the order, as that's how to reach someone with the tools to address your concerns. While I would love to help you get this taken care of, eBay orders work a bit differently, so you would need to follow the contact opinions as listed on our eBay page here.



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