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Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Unfulfilled! Card Charged!

I am incredibly upset. I want to know why my card was charged when your policy states:

"When am I charged?
When you place your pre-order we’ll authorize your form of payment with your bank, which results in a temporary authorization hold. After a few business days, the hold should be automatically released and the funds returned to your account. Shortly before release day as your order begins final processing for shipment or store pickup, we’ll reauthorize your form of payment, resulting in another hold. Once your order ships or becomes ready for store pickup we’ll then collect payment."

If you were not beginning final processing, why have you reauthorized the charge on my card? What exactly is the holdup? Why couldn't you have let us know there was going to be a hold up BEFORE the last minute? Is there going to be any compensation for this?

I spend my nights as a police dispatcher, and my days as a grad student. My husband is disabled and I have SUCH little space in my life for any sort of fun whatsoever that I was looking SO MUCH forward to playing something and having any semblence of joy in my life. 

Couldn't you have told us ahead of time? Couldn't you have left my money so I could seek out other options? This is just MEAN.