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New online laptop can't charge or charger was DOA, store refuses to help

Good morning everyone,

I would like to receive assistance regarding an online order. I purchased an ASUS ROG Flow X16 laptop and received it on Tuesday at roughly midday.

I noticed that the charger did not work, so I tried troubleshooting it by swapping the C-13 cable (the replaceable power cord to plug in a socket and a charger), and no, it did not help. As an additional troubleshooting step I tried charging it with an official ASUS ROG USB C charger: it does charge the laptop, but it is capped at 100W, whereas the laptop's original charger goes all the way to 240W, thus limiting most of its potential performance.

After chatting with several customer service representatives (most of which tried selling me a Geek Squad subscription, on a 1 day old laptop that MUST be covered by warranty) I was advised by the second-last one to either get a replacement and return this one or go to the store and have someone troubleshoot this very simple issue with another charger (ASUS ROG chargers are highly standardized for the most power-hungry devices, 240W: 20V/12A). The last representative dismissed the replacement unit idea and just told me to go to the store so that they could troubleshoot it.

So I did. I went to the Hawthorne store at 7:15PM, where the only customer service representative present rudely ignored my simple request and what the chat customer service representatives said. She then proceeded to dismiss one more customer as I left the store.

All that would have been necessary was to plug in another charge to figure out whether it was a faulty charger or a faulty charging circuit. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. For a 1 days old item.

Is this part of Best Buy's official policies? Getting $2000 and then playing dumb about a device under warranty? I did not go there for a frivolous complaint, I exhausted all the possible options before ever contacting the chat-based customer service and going to the store.

I ordered an ASUS charger to test this myself (given how unhelpful the store staff at Hawthorne is). Would I be able to at least get a refund on the price of the charger, should that be the original issue? That is all I am asking at this point.

Moreover, I would say that such dismissive hostile behaviour should be addressed by whomever is managing the store. I was not confrontational or blaming anyone. All I did was asking politely for help, and I was treated like an idiot.

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Re: New online laptop can't charge or charger was DOA, store refuses to help

Hello, FrancescoLA. 


Welcome to our Forms! 


I sorry to hear about your experience with your charger from your new ASUS laptop, I can understand the frustration that you are going through. I would like to reach out and provide support for your situation and see if any insight can be provided to remedy the issues that you are having. If you don't mind, can you reach out to me via private message with your full name, telephone, number, email and order number? This will allow me to take a look at your account and the laptop order that you made. Please do note that we work with several clients and a response may not be instant. Please let us know as soon as you can.


Thank you,


Riley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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