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Never delivered

I purchased a laptop from Best Buy online on 8-16-2022. It was to be delivered on 8-18-2022. I checked tracking that morning and it states it was on the truck for delivery. I was home all day, however it was never delivered. I left to go out of town and upon my return a few days later, I see it was still not delivered (someone else also resides at the property, so somebody was there during the time I was gone). I checked tracking and it was still stating on truck for delivery.

At this point, I called Best Buy and Fed Ex to see what was happening. Fed Ex informed me the package was lost within their facility and they would file a claim to have it found and delivery attempted. Best Buy also filed a claim with Fed Ex. The next day, the tracking changed and it stated it was delivered 8-18-2022.

Since then, I have spent countless hours on the phone between Fed Ex and Best Buy with absolutely no resolution. I was told to file a claim with Fed Ex, however Fed Ex wouldn’t allow me to file the claim and told me Best Buy had to do it. Ended up filing one anyways, and it was denied. Was also told by Best Buy to call local law enforcement to report a stolen item, to which I replied that it was not stolen, we have cameras on the property and I would have nothing to report as it never even arrived. Also filed a claim with PayPal, which was also denied because Fed Ex is stating it is delivered (their proof of delivery is just a piece of paper stating it was delivered and a signature is on file - but there’s actually no signature).

Best Buy has been zero help, I have asked for a supervisor every time I call, and every time I do that, I get hung up on. I am currently out $900, ended up having to go buy a laptop through Amazon (which I should have done in the first place) so I had to spend that amount a second time. It is ridiculous that a company this large has such poor customer service during these situations and they act like they don’t care that I’m out this money - which is a huge deal for me.
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Re: Never delivered

Hey there, bjharris,


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Forum! I order almost all of my stuff online, so I understand bringing this to attention. Having to contact all these different people is never ideal and I too would be looking for some help.


So I can take a closer look into this and see what is possible, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email and order number.

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