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Never Able to Receive Digital Download Codes

I have been struggling with this issue since 2014; I am able to purchase anything physical, but when it comes down to digital content, nothing will come to fruition.


I have since made a new account, sometime last year to see if it was just an issue with the previous account (hence it was shared with my parents and I when I was younger). I receive a verification email to confirm the purchase of digital content, but that is as far as it will go. The order will either be canceled or in preparing for days.


I have contacted customer support via phone, but they seem to not know what is going on either and try to say it could be an issue with my bank or that I am using a debit card and then I get the run around with the bank saying the purchase went through smoothly.


I did have an issue last year where I was called repeatedly and asked if I made a purchase in which I bought a combination of physical and digital items; the order was canceled multiple times and I had to purchase the items through Gamestop.


I just knew this issue would rear its ugly head once again, but I had a $5 reward and wanted to use it to save a little money on the newest Sims stuff pack. If I cancel the order, I will be out of 40 cents in which was tax. If you are able to take the tax, then you should be able to supply the item. I have sent PMs to several mods about this, only the Gaming Support mod read the message, but did not reply as of yet.


It's been almost a week since I purchased the game, but I understand it can take 3 - 5 days to receive a reply due to the overwhelming issues.


Thanks, Addison.

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Re: Never Able to Receive Digital Download Codes

Hello, Addison,


Thanks for sharing your experience and bringing this to our attention. I know I would have questions in such a situation too. What you describe is far from the experience want for our customers. I’ll be happy to look into this in greater detail to see what may be possible going forward.


I do see the private messages you sent to other forum moderators. Thanks for providing that information! I’ll be replying to those messages shortly in greater detail.



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