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Need redund

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Here is my story
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onTrac : {removed per forum guidelines}

I ordered laptop and next day came to know that ordered is delivered but that was never the case.
I immedialty called customer care and they assured that we will refund or replace the Item
By trusting we asked for pick up from the store option but ordered not picked up by any store we patiantly waited

Again called customer care we asked for canceling the item and asked for refund again customer care representive gave assurance for refund 

to my surprise after waiting for 5-6 days received mail we will not refund/replace item and get in touch with local law enforcement 

what mess!!!!

This is mental harrasement by bestBuy 
called courier agent onTrac and came to know that package was kept on the floor, are you guys allow to do that 
I think delivery person stole the packge
Package never kept in mail box.

Bestbuy assured invetigation but they never did, 

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Re: Need redund

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Hello, Satishewale, 

Thanks for reaching out on Forum's Community. I know it can be frustrating when an order is lost unexpectedly. We have provided you with our decision this matter and alternative way for you to resolve this matter. How else can we assist you? You can reach through private message, Blue Button, Bottom right corner and provide the following: 


  • Full Name
  • Email address 
  • Phone Number  

Happy Holiday!


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