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Need better feedback options on your website

Way too much user security here on your feedback site for customers.  Make it easier.   We're not talking about missile launch codes here!  </sarcasm> 


(1) allow our email addresses as user ID's; simply Truncate the @ at sign and all after.   I had to hunt for a place to send you some feedback on a product.  I shouldn't have to NAME the product I've clicked on.  My feedback remark should have linked to it.

(2) I wanted to tell other customers LOGITEK Ergo keyboard letters wear off VERY quickly from the keys and they should FIX that with better paint.  its been a problem for YEARS!   Most keyboard brands (like Dell for instance)  last forever.

(3) I wanted to tell ALL KEYBOARD MAKERS to do what Apple did, have a homekey RAISED BUMP either on the D and K for middle fingers, or G and J for our index we can tell we're on home keys at first touch!


(4) Whats a "SCIZZOR" keyboard?  Your product descriptions never define it.

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Re: Need better feedback options on your website

Hi, maddoxbg421,


Thank you for joining the Forums, and for reaching out to share this insight.


We truly appreciate you sharing this information, and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. To do so, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: Need better feedback options on your website

No honey, that 'one size fit's all  "DID WE SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM" automatied message was offensive and the opposite of what you intended.   It was what I call a "Thank you for shopping at K-Mart" message that was the product of too much automation!   Mixing analogies, I'd say your online attempt at personalization came across as impersonal as an airport announcement on their overhead speakers!

I didn't have a "PROBLEM" I had a suggestion and a criticism about how to interact with your customers online.   Most computer web designers are horrible at trying to be human.  I was a career wordsmith and computer programmer writing human interface so online software doesn't sound like a computer program.   And I was telling you to quit coming across like a corporation.   It was clear your automatron did not have the ability to read my post so I wasted my time.

My point was that if you really want feedback on products and services something like this:


1.  Link your feedfback buttons next to the products your customer bought and automate what product so they don't have to enter it again

2. go straight to a 5 star rating system to sort them

3. Then go straight to a text box that doesn't format their responses so much you can't figure out what they're trying to tell you.
4.  Place your buttons in the same screen locations most software does...using familiar words like "Submit".

5.  Keep your pages simple without busy, oversize graphics and irrelevant sales pitches.  The purpose of feedback is to elicit feedback, not sell customers more stuff or waste their time


   My question was just a suggestion about your FEEBACK page layouts and a second one to use your major customer influence  to reach Logitek executives...and thell them what all customers know, the letters on their keyboards rub off very quickly because Logitek uses bad paint to emboss the keys.  Competitor keyboards are better.  And Logitek's keyboards have many buttons but they don't come with layman's instructions.  Tech programmers and copywriters forget they're not talking to other programmers, they're talking to ordinary people who aren't very tech savvy.

Pass this up about 5 levels to a real human being who has the power to humanize your automated system and change the way you do things when custoemrs give you good ideas. 


I'm not sure which is worse... interacting with a machine or talking to some agent in New Delhi who can barely understand English!  But smart companies are trying to improve what we on the other side of the cash register think about you.  Y"all don't quite have it yet.

Thank god the young collegiate whiz kids working your store floors don't come across that way!  </sarcasm>

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Re: Need better feedback options on your website

This message is standard on the forums. I get them too. They are not intended to offend anyone. 

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Re: Need better feedback options on your website

Thank you for being part of the community Forums Maddoxbg421. We are happy to have you back.


We certainly appreciate any feedback you would like to share. If you have any questions we can answer please feel free to 

send me a private message including our full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.




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Re: Need better feedback options on your website

Yes, here's what I wrote BB's Corporate Computer named "Kristy (Social Media Specialist.)":  Your response looked very much like a canned response because it made no mention to my subject.   Any corporate reply that starts with "Thank you for...." is what I call "CustomerService-SPEAK".  And I never take those personally.  There's a standardized stylebook of such responses and phrases and many corporations follow it, including Best Buys.  

I wasn't offended, hockey, I just knew that I was hearing from a computer and I was hoping to connect with the human that oversees that corporate dept.   Maybe they've got you folks to run interference for them.  Microsoft has an army of them and I'm convinced they dont' even have the phone number of anybody who actually works at their Seattle headquarters because I've never seen them actually fix consumer complaints in their Wednesday pushdown 'update/repairs.'

After decades as a computer programmer, I learned not to waste my time writing to or reading from them.  Fact is, most corporations pay some of their own people six figures to make decisions and the corporate attitude among many is that real customer feedback isn't to be paid attention to, its only to be responded to to make the customers feel connected with their monoliths.  I presume you have noticed that too?

Take care, bud!