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Need assistance with refund issue related to cancelled item

Hi, My video game order which I preordered in 2021 under Gamers Club membership with a 20% discount was recently cancelled by Bestbuy due to fulfillment issues even though the game was available on the website. What appears to have happened though is with the cancelation of my most recent order I was back charged an additional 20% for all my previously fulfilled video game orders from 2021. Wanted to see if someone could assist me with resolving this issue. I have the original receipts showing the amount I paid in 2021 before they increased to their full amount after the cancellation. Thank you.

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Re: Need assistance with refund issue related to cancelled item

Hey there, rishirja!


Considering I used to have this membership, I can understand how this can be concerning. However, I have replied to your private message in hopes to learn more and hopefully find a solution.


I will keep an eye out for your message!

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