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My order was supposed to arrive last night per my email received that my order was shipped a few days ago.  I decided to hit the tracking number to see what the status was and noticed there was no history of my order with FedEx.  FedEx site reveal they were still waiting on to receive the packages from BestBuy.  I called FedEx and they said the delivery date was an estimate date set, but the packages has yet to be received and the status was they have shipment information, but no product to ship to me.  They advise me to contact BestBuy.  I finally after 2 hours go a live chat representative that was very rude!  He told me that my package would arrive and I should be a little more patience.  I tried several time to ask how was I going to receive anything that they had yet to forward to FedEx and want FedEx told me.  He pretty much replied that I was lying and that FedEx has failed to update their shipping information on their end and my packages would be here by 9 PM and that all he had to offered.   He didn't listen to my concerns.  Today, FedEx site has no shipping date and only shipping information receive.  I have no packages today.  I started this morning trying to get a live chat agent for 6 hours.  I tried calling and holding.  I called again and was ask if a representative could call me back in 32 minutes.  I finally accepted this only to get a call back and when the representative got my order number, he hung up on me and didnt call back.  I called again and was told I would get a call back in 25 minutes.  That never happened.  I tried to contact customer service through Facebook and replies.  I don't know how to address my concerns with this impossible endless no way to connect to you all.  I put my trust and money to purchase products from you all and no one will assist me with my concerns.  Now I am trying this.  I have purchase large 65 inch TV....dishwasher, household products, ipad, Macbook, and more expensive products from your company and having to have something shipped is ending my satisfaction with you all.  Please answer me and where I can address where is my products.