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This is very upsetting.  I called customer service today for the 3rd time.  My TV that I spent over $1500 for says delivered, but I never received it.  I called right away they say they have pics, but it was not my lot number - but numbers were right.  So someone else got my TV - and more than likly taken by construction workers who are building on the lot that they delivered my TV too.  They said I would get an email and try to get another TV sent out.  I did not get any notice of new delivery or anything.  To make a long story short This was my 3rd time calling - and two times I called, the first time, a girl had me on hold for 40 minutes and then hung up.  Then I got another guy who seemed to be a little more like he really wanted to help me and said he would esculate the issue.  I told him at this time, I don't want the TV I don't trust BEST BUY delivery.  I just want my money back.  This is my 3rd call in 3 weeks, and I am frustrated and disappointed. This is not how a ordering a wonderful product like a new TV for your home should be.  It should be exciting and a happy expericnce, but this has been a night mare.  I feel like I have been scammed for $1500! 

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Hello, angelviphost.


Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our Forums.


Here we can provide assistance with any issue that you may have and we can provide additional insight into your situation. I'm also awaiting delivery on a new TV and I understand your frustration with your current situation. I would like to reach out and provide support for your situation and take a deep dive into the matter. When you get the chance would you be able to private message me with your full name, telephone number, email and order number? Having this information will allow me to pull up anything we have on file about your account and your order. You can private message us by clicking the private message button next to my name at the bottom of this post. Please do note that we do work with multiple client and a response may not be immediate. Please reach out to us as soon as possible.


Thank you, 

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