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I am done with Best Buy. I sent this email to customer support earlier in the day and recieved a generic message back saying to call Geek Squad and asked to be transfered... lol. It is almost commical how hard it is to get to speak to anyone at Best Buy that can actually do anything. 


Anyways, here is the email that I sent in full:


To whom it may concern,

I have had quite a journey with Best Buy/Geek Squad lately, and not in a good way...
I will try to succinctly sum up all of my issues and grievances but that alone will be a hard task as there are many. 
The first, and probably most important issue, is that I purchased an open box "Geek Squad" certified Sony Bravia 65" TV and, after having to pick it up, I finally get it home and set up to find out that it was blinking the red light of death; a true dud. How on Earth would someone at your store certify that a $2500 is "good to go" and ready for purchase? My displeasure was immediate and I vowed to never purchase an open box item again especially from Best Buy. 
Ok, definitely annoying but this should get all worked out quickly right? Well, 45 minutes later and after getting disconnected from 3 agents and punted around a few times we were all set for Best Buy to pick up the damaged tv and replace it with a new one (Best Buy was going to match the price of my open box item and replace it but after this whole experience I just decided to pay the difference for a brand new one). 
Finally the drop off/pick up date rolls around and low and behold the drivers can't make the delivery because they can't figure out how to get around certain city bridges even though this area has many trucks (of larger size than Best Buy rolling through here daily). They just abandoned my appointment without notifying me and doing any kind of common sense leg work to find the many bridges that work for large trucks throughout the city. I find it insane that Best Buy drivers in the city wouldn't know how to navigate the place they work in daily? 
Beyond livid, and not being able to even reschedule or cancel everything for another 24hrs, I decided to just buy the tv and pick it up myself. I forgot to mention that I had to borrow my friend's truck both times to make the pick up (not really the fault of Best Buy I suppose but it adds to the whole Greek tragedy that was taking place). 
Ok, did all the leg work and grunt work myself. TV is home and working now to cancel the order BUT still have Best Buy pick it up (it's the least this woefully incompetent company could do) annnnnnnd as it so happens "I'm sorry sir I cannot processes a pick up on my computer BUT you can return it to any store for immediate refund." Needless to say it's time to borrow my friend's truck again and finally chuck this "Geek Squad" certified hunk of scrap metal at one of your stores.
I'm not even sure why I decided to go with Best Buy in the first place but after this experience I don't think I'll be making any major purchases with your company again. Too big, too much outsourcing, too many inexperienced/indifferent employees, etc. I truly think this company only just squeaks by because the big competitor Circuit City went out of business a decade or so ago. Maybe it's time to look more into ABT or something more local.
I guess in the end I am just looking to vent but I also feel like I am making a good case for some kind of compensation here. It would help alleviate my urge to post some bad reviews. Reimbursing my 2 year geek squad protection plan or some kind of small gesture monetarily would be greatly appreciated and would help me consider going with Best Buy again in the future. 
Here is my initial geek squad certified order so you can find me in the system and see for yourself all of the leg work and misery I've had to endure: {removed per forum guidelines
I apologize for the length but this has really turned into a whole nightmare ordeal. It is insane that Best Buy has apparently outsoureced every aspect of their phone services? I just want to talk to someone and be heard.
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Hello, csemel23!


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


We appreciate you reaching out in regards to the multiple experiences you had with a recent TV purchase, it's not the type of experience we want any of our customers to have so I can understand the frustration this has caused. I would love to assist and see what's possible with everything you have shared with this today. In order for me to review the order can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number and email address for verification. You can click on the "Private Message" next to my signature. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Thank you, 

Alex|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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