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My order was delivered as an empty box

I ordered a Macbook pro M2 for my business, and it was delivered as empty box. We signed for it and it was very light. The original brown tape for the box was cut and a piece of clear packing tape was put over the top of the brown tape to close the package. I opened the box to find nothing but cardboard. The fed ex driver already took off so i called best buy and they said they would go ahead and send me a replacement. So i wanted it sent to the store for me to pick up to avoid another shipping mishap. Then the package was delayed indefinitely. I called best buy again to see if i could pick it up elsewhere, but it was unavailable to pick up anywhere. I needed the macbook now, not in the indeterminate future so i went ahead and canceled the item. Best buy then sent me an email saying they wont be providing a refund nor a replacement macbook due to the fact it was marked as delivered by fedex. I called them back and said they stated it wasnt canceled and i can pick it up on the 29th. However they refused to send me an email assuring me of this. Its been a month and im still dealing with nightmare. I sent a report to fedex as well, not like they are helpful. All I want is best buy to either send me the macbook i ordered, or a refund so i can a computer elsewhere. I refuse to pay $1800 for a empty box that may have been stolen by someone at fedex. So the next step i guess is to dispute this with the card company. fix this best buy please.
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Re: My order was delivered as an empty box

Hey, Jpalms17,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thanks for reaching out about your recent purchase of a MacBook Pro M2. It’s never ideal to receive an empty box from your order and can understand your disappointment when this happened. 


While we can’t guarantee a different outcome, we’d be happy to assist, and see what we can uncover. To do so, send over a Private Message with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Order number


Click the blue button next to my signature to send the Private Message. We look forward to hearing back.



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Re: My order was delivered as an empty box

Andy took care of me and fixed the situation. I suggest you always pick up items from the store instead of having them shipped. Someone, which im assuming someone at fed ex, took the item through certified mail, which absolutely blows my mind. Wont make that mistake again. Thank you again andy.