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My order was cancelled without me asking for it to be

BB = Best Buy, CS = Customer Service



Timeline of events:



October 2, 2020:


I placed an order for a phone on the website because my local store didn't have it. The initial payment went through.



October 8, 2020:


BB sent an authorization which failed. I called CS to ask why. The lady was helpful. The call ended with her telling me to call my bank.


I called my bank, they told me that on their end, the initial payment didn't go through so BB needs to send a fax to cancel the authorization (I probably didn't explain this right because it went over my head).


I had a three-way call with a cs rep from my bank and BB. Both of them were helpful. The BB rep told us that he was talking with his "back office" to get a fax sent to my bank to cancel the authorization. He also told me that my order should change accordingly by the next morning.


I call my bank that evening, they told me that they did not receive a fax. My bank tells me to call BB to make sure that BB sent the fax.


I called BB. Nobody seemed to know what the "back office" was or where to transfer me to. I should have given up after my 8TH TO 10TH TRANSFER. I kept getting transferred to Geek Squad and other unrelated numbers. Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about.



October 9, 2020:


I called my bank. I got the person that helped me with the three-way call yesterday to call me. I explained to her about my call with BB that evening.




We ended up doing another three-way call.


Throughout two or three calls, we got hung up on, put on hold for 10 to 15 minutes, and transferred to the BB automated credit card line when we asked to speak to a manager.


While we were talking with one lady, so many authorizations got sent through that IT CANCELLED MY ORDER WITHOUT ME ASKING THEM TO.


I checked online and there was only one version of the exact phone that I ordered available at my local store. GEE, I WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENED.


I called my local store. After I finally got through with a person after waiting a little while, I explained to her the situation. I also told her I couldn't buy the phone right now because BB is holding my money and I don't have as much as my order was in my account at the time. She told me that they could not hold the phone for that long and all that a manager could do is put in a escalation. My local store is an hour and a half away from me. I was also working remotely and didn't get off until 4 pm. A lot of this was happening while I was on my lunch break. Local BB closed at 6 pm.


I check online an hour so later, MY PHONE WAS SOLD.






I ordered a phone online. The initial payment went through on BB's end but, not through my bank. Yesterday an authorization failed. I ended up having a three-way call with my bank and BB yesterday and today to try to get this problem solved. So many authorizations went through that BB cancelled my order without me asking them to. My local store had the phone that I ordered and they sold it before I could buy it.

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Re: My order was cancelled without me asking for it to be

Hi, acow19,

Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! I wish your reason for discovering us was a happier one, but I'm glad you took the time to share this experience with us. Getting a new phone is a big deal, which is why we are honored that you decided to place this important order with us. That said, it makes me sad to learn that your shopping experience was not the stress-free one we had intended to provide.


Having an issue with the form of payment is never ideal, but I can imagine it's even more discouraging when you reached out for support, only for no one to understand the resolution that had been discussed but not followed through on previously. I'm not a fan of waiting on hold or explaining my situation over and over, so I can imagine how I would feel if that happened to me! Reaching out for support with a concern should be easy, so I'm sad that was not the case of you.


While we typically would not hold a phone for long without an order being placed, I'm sad that the store was not able to make an exception due to the unique circumstances you encountered. I can't promise a certain result, but I'd like to take a deeper look into this to see what might be possible. Using the "Private Message" option in my signature below, can you please send over your full name, phone number, email address and the order number that was cancelled?



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