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My order was cancelled due to not being able to verify the information

I placed an order and was contacted by my credit card company to verify that it was not a fraudulent charge. I confirmed that it was a valid purchase, but apparently Best Buy decided to just cancel the order instead of trying to re-process the order or ask me to update the payment information. By the time I saw the email cancellation for the order, the sale was over and I am unable to place a new order. All of the items are currently out of stock so a support representative can't even place the order for me.
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Re: My order was cancelled due to not being able to verify the information

If your credit cad refused payment while they contacted you I would then surmise that Best Buys algorithms considered it a declined charge and automatically canceled it. 



What happened with your credit card company seems to happen if you normally do not use your card for large purchases and then suddenly you buy a computer.  This appears to your credit card company as suspicious activity.


Unfortunately in this case, while one can appreciate your card holder looking out for you, they cost you the sale price. 





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