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My default store location will not change!

My default store pickup is St Joseph MO -- which is over 100 miles away.  When I click on the "search neaby stores" link, it shows my chosen preferred store.  But the order link still always shows St Joe!


How can this be fixed? I have tried multiple browsers, multiple computers and cleared my cache.  When I look even if I don't sign it, it still shows St. Joseph!  

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Re: My default store location will not change!

Hello gkbrenne,


Our apologies for the lateness of this reply. This holiday has been especially busy for us on the forums and we’re doing everything we can to catch up as quickly as we can.  Your concerns are of great importance to Best Buy and we want to make sure that you’ve received a response to your post and offered any assistance we can provide. 


Your local store is determined by unique characteristics of your internet connection, and browsing session. I understand that having the location about 100 miles away, and having to manually change it each time can be frustrating. Below you’ll find a tips that may help remedy the issue.


-Try to reset your internet connection, or wireless modem/router

-Requesting your internet provider to do a reset on their end.

-Clearing your cache & cookies in your browser.


Thank you for posting!

Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: My default store location will not change!

I am having this same problem as well. I live in Greenville, NC (store 386). Have had that set as my default since you could set a default location years ago. For the past couple of weeks it has been showing Jacksonville, NC (store 805, 55.6mi away) for the store pickup locations. I was able to click to manually change it back to Greenville before (which was a pain, but at least worked), but now it won't even let me do that.


Found your reply today and tried to refresh my cookies and settings to fix it, and now it gives me Lexington Park, MD (much further away) as my default.


The only store I have selected in my preferred stores and my default setting is the Greenville store. I have checked the store locator which gives my current location correctly. On the item page when I click to change shipping it shows I am in Greenville and Greenville is my closest store. Same with clicking on "Check nearby stores". Yet it still shows the wrong store for store pickup on the item page even when "Check nearby stores" says Greenville has the item in stock.


I am logged into my account when this happens. I know before it would often give wrong info when not logged in, and then fix itself after logging in. Not anymore. It sticks with the wrong location no matter what.


Nothing I do will change the location given (Lexington Park, MD now) on each item page.


If it's based on internet data as you said, then maybe it needs to be fixed to be set to what the customer puts in to override everything else and only use internet data when there are no options chosen. I do 99% of my shopping at Best Buy checking online what is available at my local store before going and buying it in store, so it showing my chosen store correctly is extremely important to me.

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Re: My default store location will not change!

I have the same problem. I live in 39564 zip code. All my preferences are set to this zip code, including favorites at D'Iberville store 1781 and Gulfport store 1174. Yet, when I do a search for items (multiple times a week) my preferred store is listed as Bel Air Mall in Mobile! I have to change it every time! If Best Buy can't link our search to our profile then do away with it!

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Re: My default store location will not change!

Same here. Super aggravating because as I go through a list of items,ever one has a store an hour away from me instead of the one that's a 3 minute walk! Instead of going through all these options of resetting and clearing cache, what don't Best Buy's web developers just make the auto location feature optional? I mean, seriously, what' the point of having us put in our own zip code every time we visit the site. Best Buy overall, has become amazing during the past few years.. excellent experience each time, but for someone who  makes multiple purchases a week, this makes my blood boil a bit.

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Re: My default store location will not change!

I am having this problem too. I want the stores shown with product results to be my preferred ones, not something miles away because the website is using an incorrect location based on the IP address. PLease fix this so that I can see what is for sale in teh store I choose to use.

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Re: My default store location will not change!

This message has been merged with the topic entitled, "Default Store Location is Way Off."

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Re: My default store location will not change!

The website should use the preferred store I have selected.  I have no control over the IP address my ISP uses.  BestBuy website programmers should be able to use the customer's selected favorite store to show product availability.  This has been going on for months.  Please fix it.

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Re: My default store location will not change!

Very well said *wcjulyan*, thank you...


   I just recently registered new online account, and I'm having same problem...

And can't believe this issue has not been fixed?, or even any resonding(actual)help with this since Jan.?

  Clearing cache, cookies,browsing history, etc...does no good?+Makes no sense saying to contact my ISP?...wth?


  I'm definitely no computer expert or part of a *Geek Squad*  But this cleary seems to be a web site programing     problem you would think?, could+should be easily fixed?...Especially being this is an online-shopping website from a (major Electronic's and *Computer?* Store)...I mean come-on, get it together Best Buy, and fix this issue!! So I don't have 2 change "MyPreferedStore"(MPS) back2 Fry's Electronic's again,,,Please, I beg of you,plz... Smiley Sad

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Re: My default store location will not change!

Having the same issues.  When will this be fixed?