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My card was charged twice



I placed an order last week for (3) Nintendo Switch games which was a total of $180.17. My card was charged right away, but one game was a pre order. The pre order game was shipped today and I got a notification of my card being charged again for $60.06. I want to make sure that charge gets refunded somehow seeing as I already paid for the game last week. How do I go about making sure that happens?



John Kleinhans

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Re: My card was charged twice

Whenever you buy anything anywhere with a credit card it is a multi step process.


First the retailer authorizes your card. This ensures it is a valid account and has sufficient funds.

If it is being taken out of the store right away the charge is made to your account and the authorization goes away.


If you are making a pre-order the order is authorized. Then before it ships you are then authorized again and then charged. You need to make sure you have sufficient funds available on your card before the release date.


You were initially authorized for the game and not charged until is shipped.


Unfortunatly some banks incorrectly report authorizations and charges and do not remove the authorizations.

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