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My account was flagged wrongfully.

Hello can anyone please let me know if you received any help from best buy for the flag on your account please. My account has been flagged since July I'm just finding out about it when I went to place my order for a washer and dryer I really needed. I'm currently very sick and best buy customer service representative send you around without helping at all. I've spoken to 33 people now and no one can help me. I account was hacked and someone by the name of Kyle used my account that I didn't authorized and had no knowledge of. I've spent alot of money with best buy and just last year alone i spent over $15000.00 and ive been a customer for over 10years with no problem. the way they are treating me now is very distasteful. They told me that they did an investigation and saw that the flag was done in error due to the fact that I never called in to authorized the use of my account. They also say they have never seen anything like this. The thing is best buy didn't contact me at all no email, text or a letter to verify with me. Then they are saying it's a purchase that was made in July and when everyone checked even in the stores they say there is no purchase that was made on your account on July 4th. So they are accusing me wrongfully. I'm so sad and disappointed that a company that I've been with for so long threw me to the side like an old shoe. How can you all add a flag on an innocent person but can't remove it? Now I truly know how it feels to be Innocent and you have this company telling you your guilty of something you know nothing about. I've been on chemo with 3 children to feed and they need me to be here for them. Why would I do anything fraudulent and I never even had a traffic ticket yet still this company is treating me like a criminal. All I'm getting is were doing an investigation which by the way has been going on for over 1 month now. You all should be ashamed of how your treating your loyal customers.