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My account processed twice - canceled order - account down $2600

Am entering this here, fo see if it helps anything at all. 
Agree with others that say your customer service is horrible for the most part.
Warning - be sure you print and keep copies of every transaction you make with


Ordered TV online and Totaltech. Required 3 confirmations - 2 within the BB order. 1 in a text from my bank. Agreed with all. 

Got email w receipt.

Got email from bank confirming large transaction (yes, it was this one)
Got email saying couldn't be processed. 
Called next day - 3 CSRs - 1st was a joke - basically blew me off while I could hear the wind in his phone as he was outside and chatting with others, 2nd kept me on hold over a 1/2 hour and tried but couldn't help. 3rd tried to speak to a supervisor, called back and advised they got it processed. 

Next day, now showed 2 identical transactions removing $2600 from my bank account. 
Went to local BB. Manager took note and said it should clear out soon. Have kept him updated as he's requested via email; he told me to cc: him on any emails. Of course have now found you don't take emails from customers - they get autoreplies to call CS. 

Next day bank acct still same. Cancelled order. Got receipt. Receipt only removed TV, not Totaltech. 
Since then I've tried to cancel the membership 3 times and get only error messages with using the "cancel" button in Totaltech that  it can't be done. 
Called bank for suggestions - when transaction shows as posted, call back and they'll give me their fraud dept. 

This morning, now 1 of the transactions is actually POSTED and the other is still there - as pending. Still down $2600. Called bank. They are watching but will take "x" days. See I have cancellation on the pending transaction for the TV amount but not the Totaltech.
Called CS this morning - explained to another CS with wind in the background what was happening. She could not repeat back to me most of it and hung up on me when I got mad she was not listening.

Decided to try once more to see if there was a "good" CS there. Amazing - this afternoon I found one. However, she said under my order number she only sees the Totaltech order.

***There is no sign of my ever having ordered a TV. Smiley Mad
She gave me credit for Totaltech and I rec'd a receipt. 

TG I printed and kept hard copies of everything, including the TV Order, the confirmation/receipt. 
Because otherwise it looks like you have your system set up to gaslight your customers. What if I hadn't printed up everything?!? What if I had a mortgage/rent/car payment/insurance check pending?!?

And bottom line, what if I didn't have a cushion to cover the $2600 that's still taken from my account, with a canceled TV/Totaltech order?
Last CS and local manager sound believable, but only advise to wait "a couple of days". 

But posting here as well, in the event there is one individual who will be responsible for following through and cleaning up this mess. 
Thanks for listening. 

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Re: My account processed twice - canceled order - account down $2600

The first charge may have been a temporary hold. It sounds like once your bank flagged it, it's not valid. Unfortunately these holds really can take certain amounts of days to clear up. One time when my former bank account was hacked, I was out $80 and although they dropped off within 5 days, it finalized and I had to refile a report to get my money back. I'm sure a moderator on the forums can help you however. 

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Re: My account processed twice - canceled order - account down $2600

Thanks for your response