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My Mobile Preorder was Cancelled, Lost out on $200 preorder bonus

Not sure if this happened to anyone else, I preordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on the first day of preorders to ensure I'd get the phone on release. The preorder came with $200 of Samsung credit. I did it through the site to hopefully mitigate any errors of preordering in-store. 


Release day comes and I did not get my pick up notification. I decide to call the stor and every time I tried to get through to mobile, there was no answer. I eventually decide to go to make sure so I can get an answer. I waited in the store for an hour to get told there was nothing they can do. I asked if I could change it to a different store since they had stock, they said no or else I'd lose out on the preorder. I decided to just wait it out since I wanted to make sure I got the $200 preorder along with the trade in promotion.


I did no recieve a pick up email Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Last night I decided to check the stock around the area, and it stated they got 3 of the phone I preordered in the store. So this morning, I was expecting my order to get filled and I'd be on my way later today to pick up a phone I was hoping to get this past Friday. Instead, I got a cancellation email for my order. I checked the stock again and the store still has 3 of the phones left. Why did this get cancelled? If I knew I was going to have this much trouble, I would've went and preordered it from Samsung's website instead. Any help with this would be appreciated. The $200 preorder to use to buy other items was a big reason to preorder, now it is lost.

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Re: My Mobile Preorder was Cancelled, Lost out on $200 preorder bonus

Hello, geco17! 


Thanks for reaching back out to us on the forum for support. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra looks pretty sweet, and I can imagine you were looking forward to picking up your pre-order for this. I hate to hear your order cancelled, and I'm happy to assist as best as I can with this situation moving forward.


Have you been able to get through to the store? Or have you been able to visit the store to discuss the $200 credit and what happened?


All the best,

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