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Money Taken from PayPal, but no order or receipt from BB.

Yesterday morning, I went on Best and ordered a TV.  I started as a guest, then created an account. I first tried to pay with my paypal debit, but it was rejected for some reason, so I just paid with my PayPal account balance.


The money left my paypal account balance and I have an order number on the PayPal receipt.


However, I got no receipt from Best Buy and the order is not there when I login to my best buy account.


I went to the store to pick up the TV in an hour as I have family in from out of town.


They said they couldn't find the order.


So, I called in to PayPal support and the guy said he couldn't find the order, but after digging, with other contact info, he found it.  But, he said there wasn't a cancel button, so he couldn't do anything with it.


The next person I talked to said Call PayPal and cancel.


PayPal said they can't cancel it for 30 days and for me to call Best Buy back.


So, I called in again and the lady said "wait 24 hours."  (which is rather frustrating when you thought you could pick the item up in 1 hour.)

After 24 hours passed, I called back.



This guy couldn't find the order even after digging and said he would transfer me to another dept.  So, he transferred me to the rewards program.


Who said, "We can't help you, we are the rewards program"  We will transfer you back to regular customer service.


The lady they transferred me to said she couldn't find the order and to call PayPal and cancel it.  I said PayPal told me to call you.  When I asked, "So you are just going to take the money out of my account and that's it?"  She said "Call PayPal..."

I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said, "The supervisor will say the same thing."

So, I really need help from someone here who knows how to resolve this.




- Craig

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Re: Money Taken from PayPal, but no order or receipt from BB.

Hey, Craig!

Thanks for joining our online community and posting for support. I know how frustrating it can be to be bounced around between different departments over the phone, and I'd be reaching out as well for a solution to this order cancellation. I hate to hear about the difficulties you've faced here, and I'm happy to do what I can to help.

To clarify, are you still looking to cancel this order? Please send me a private message including an update to the situation as well as your full name, email, and phone number.



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