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Missing Preorder Surface Duo

I pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface Duo on the 1st day preorders went live, (Aug 12th?) and it was set to arrive last Thursday. I kept checking the order status and all through the week it said 'arrives thursday.'. I got an alert 3am Thursday morning to find the order had been delayed.
The status still said 'arrives Thursday' but I never received the package. When I expanded the tracking info it said 'waiting for the carrier to provide tracking info' or something to that extent. After not receiving it Friday or Saturday, I confirmed with one of your agents that the package has left best buy's possession, they gave me a tracking number for ups, but said ups needed to scan the item so the tracking info could be displayed. They said from what they could see I should expect the item monday.
I just had to take their word because the website is still stuck at 'arrives Thursday' with no tracking info. At this point let me just say I have been both on the phone and in chat with agents who have claimed to transfer me to supervisors who could help me but instead hung up, or just transerred me to someone else that had no idea what I was talking about. I've explained myself over and over at this point .

I just got an email from a ups agent who is investigating and they confirmed UPS did NOT receive the package and they request that the seller contact them to continue the investigation. Please, can you help me? I've been through the ringer on this one. My card has already been charged, I'm out 1400 bucks and it's been 5 days past the release date for this pre-ordered item. If you can't tell me where my package is at the very least you could offer me a refund so I can purchase elsewhere? This just seems wrong.
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Re: Missing Preorder Surface Duo

Welcome to our community, brycewat.


It doesn't happen for me often, but I am occasionally an "early adopter" when an exciting new product is announced and I will rush out as quickly as I can to be sure my pre-order is in. Then I wait on pins and needles for the day to arrive where I can get my hands on that much anticipated item. I can only imagine the aggravation at having there appear to be no forward motion in getting your new Surface Duo to you and to have your queries into the order's processing thwarted at each turn. Certainly this is not the experience we wish you to have and I apologize most sincerely for our having disappointed you.


I have received your recent private message and will be responding to it momentarily. Please know I am grateful you have taken the time to share your experience with us.

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