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I am extremely unhappy with the service provided by BESTBUY. I placed an online order yesterday. 
The website stated it would be ready in 1 hr. I drove to the store and waited for my email to give me the ok to pick up. I waited for more than 1.5 hrs. It was already 6 pm and the store closed.
I am trying to be a responsible citizen by observing social distancing and avoiding leaving my home. The website was misleading and made me drive down to the store unnecessarily. The store needs to more mindful of this. This is a serious matter. We need to keep people in their homes as much as possible. The BESTBUY website is misleading and needs to be rectified.


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Re: Misleading

You should always wait for the “your order is ready for pickup” email. Inventory levels aren’t always 100% accurate and the stores are now bombarded and minimally staffed.