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Misleading shipping times!


Why do you as a big company continue with these misleading schemes to get people to buy your products!? Choices in Canada are already few and far between anyway so most likely people will have no choice but to shop with you.


I ordered an Ipad this morning that said it could be delivered by tomorrow which is very important because I'm leaving the country in a few days. I went with Bestbuy because Apple couldn't guarantee me an earlier date. Now that I've spent my money with you, I'm now getting the real delivery date of May 17th!! Not even close to May 12th! 


This is so dishonest and misleading of you. I seem to get angry everytime I buy something with this company so I guess I'm to blame for trusting you guys. Now you have my money and I won't have my Ipad!


Bestbuy do better!

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Re: Misleading shipping times!

These forums are for Best Buy USA and not intended for support in Canada.


For help in your country use this link:

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