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Misleading Advertisement

I’ve been researching for a couple months on buying an apple MacBook for upcoming graduate school. I’ve been looking out for deals so that I can save money. Last week I missed out on an advertised 1 day event and was disappointed but then I thought I got lucky when I received an email advertising for the great computer event and saw MacBook Pro on sale!! The event said in small print that it lasted through Saturday. I looked to make sure my local Best Buy had them in stock and sure enough they had 3. Well I knew I couldn’t get to the store till Friday because I had prior engagements with work and small kids so I made sure to check again today to check the stock in case I needed to order online instead. Well to my surprise the deal didn’t exist anymore?? So I looked everywhere and then noticed it said new deals everyday. Well this didn’t clarify that deals would reset everyday so I called my local store to see what the deal was. The guy I talked to confirmed that deals expire each day and that he was sorry that he received several calls with the same complaint and that maybe I could call corporate to see if they’d honor the deal. I called corporate and went back in forth with him on hold and he said that it wasn’t a misleading ad but yes it was vague. Well this didn’t sit well with me and was a slap in the face to acknowledge the fact that it want straight forward. He then said that they couldn’t honor the deal because he couldn’t find such a deal that I was referring to? I said the deal just was posted yesterday I don’t understand and said we can’t seem to find that deal. He then stated that they could offer a comparable deal with other competitors but this was only half the price of the previous deal and I’d have to pay full price upfront and then submit for price credit. At this point I’ve basically been called a liar and was extremely frustrated with this representative. I asked for the list of competitors that they were price matching which they gave to me and explained that I would be spending my money somewhere else due to the complete and utter disrespect id incurred. In my opinion to have a companies own customer service acknowledge that their advertising is misleading is baffling. I have never had a problem with Best Buy and have been a long time customer with a beat buy card as well but now feel this company has shown a form of fraud and truly has no respect for its paying customers. In the future I think you should have better advertising that’s not misleading to the customers who’ve stood by you in a world where amazon dominates. You are alienating your customers who have been loyal by being untrustworthy and have now lost myself and my family from future purchases.
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Re: Misleading Advertisement

Hey jendariotis,


Thanks for taking the time to visit our forum and share these thoughts with us! As someone who was recently in the market for a new computer myself, I know what it's like to be on the lookout for the best deals. I'm sorry to hear your hunt for a deal was ultimately met with disappointment. 


While we're not able to honor previous sale prices and I would refer you to our Terms and Conditions regarding sales and pricing, I do appreciate that you shared this insight with us. It's never our intent to mislead our customers. After all, as a business we want you to purchase products from us. 


Thanks again and please let me know if there's anything we can assist with in the future! 





Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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