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Make the "Make My Store" button work.

Could you guys PLEASE  make the "Make My Store" button actually work and set our preferred store to that location instead of always reverting seconds later to some server side saved location?  It's not our cookies or our internet that is overriding it.. it's saved on your side and nearly instantly changed back from whatever location we select by clicking the "Make My Store" button no matter the state of any computer, cache, cookie state, location or device used to access the site.


What's the point of scripting in that "option" for us to try and use if your website just dismisses it immediately?


Also, please communicate back to me/us if your website developlment team will address this issue or not?  It's to the point of not wanting to use the website or purchase from BestBuy any more.  I know this seems petulant.. but the feeling is real.


Probably not just for me either. If I'm writing about it.. it's got to bother a great many other people as well.


Thanks for you consideration of the issue and I look forward to hearing about it soon, one way or the other.

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Re: Make the "Make My Store" button work.

Same here! Very annoying.

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Re: Make the "Make My Store" button work.

The last time this issue came up, the affected person cleared their browser cache and it began working again.  The cookie stored on their computer was not updating to the new store.  If you are blocking cookies, it resetting would be the expected behavior.

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