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MAJOR GLITCH WITH PayPal Pre-orders (That is HARD to fix with Best Buy)


I ordered 4 Blu-rays from Best Buy that totaled $82.96.


They were pre-orders. I paid with PayPal.


When you pay through PayPal, the ENTIRE amount is charged immediately, and the ONLY way to get any of the money back is for Best Buy to issue a refund. It is not a pending hold that reflects the actual final invoice from Best Buy.


Once again, the ENTIRE amount is charge immediately.


Anyway, long story short...


I was eventually forced to cancel two of the movies, as Best Buy didn't have them, and the remaining two had price drops, which I get money back from as part of my Rewards benefits.


The order, before the release date, went from $82.96 to $39.98.


Order was placed on 4/23/20 and to this day I have only received back one of the price drop refunds, of $5.


I am still owed $37.98.


So, I attempted to call, as this seemed to be the right choice. Over 90 minutes later of being on hold, that then became a dropped call. In their defense, my phone could have dropped the call. Not in their defense, it was over 90 minutes later.


Next came the FIRST chat...


This resulted in about an hour of going back and forth, trying to expalin what happened.


At this point, Best Buy even changed the online invoice to ONLY reflect the $39.98.


This proved to be really annoying, and difficult for me to talk with ALL the chat people.


Anyway, this first chat person kept saying it was already refunded. When I asked when, and to where, they couldn't give me any of that information. They couldn't even give me an amount for the supposed refund. At one point, when they were attempting to give me an amount, they struggled with trying to figure in the sales tax.


I live in Oregon. No sales tax.


So, it ended with them saying I needed to check with PayPal, that the refund WAS for sure given.


Frustrated, I ended the chat, just because I knew this person could not help me.


I did contact PayPal though. Not to try to verify what I already knew, that there was no refund, but to see what step I can take with them to get the money back. They said I could file a claim, but it would be better if I tried Best Buy one more time, as a claim could add a another potential two months to me getting my money back.


So then came the next chat....


This time the guy seemed to understand. There was some confusion, but by the end, they said they would put through the refund. That it would be there in 24 hours. I still couldn't get any kind of confirmation number, but I just let that go.


The next day....nothing. 


It was Saturday. I figured maybe it needed to be a business day.




So, I tried calling again. Over 60 minute expected wait time. I waited over 90 last time, off this exact same warning.


So, I chatted for the THIRD and final time.


This time, I was supposedly NEVER charged, because they were "pre-orders".


"Those don't charge until they ship."


I told him, that YES, they do, WHEN YOU PAY WITH PAYPAL.


The money is charged immediately. The $82,96 went through my PayPal on the 23rd, and my bank on the 24th.


He still didn't seem to get what I was saying, and insisted that the money wasn't charged.


But, here's the real kicker.....


He basically confirmed that NO REFUNDS WERE EVER ATTEMPTED from my previous "chats".


They both lied to me.


I actually told this guy I was ready to cancel all my orders and go elsewhere. He honestly didn't seem to care. Apparently, keeping less than $40 that doesn't belong to them was more important to this guy.


When I finally asked if there was any other method of me addressing this, preferably an email address, he suggested I go to my local Best Buy and speak with an associate.


Apparently, he doesn't read the news either.


One thing worth pointing out, which was awesome.....


He did tell me that I was no longer eligible for the $3 price drop match refund, as the "promotional time period" had past.


Nice to know, considering I've put about 4 hours into fighting this over almost a month.




Finally filed with PayPal. Should have done that first.


Now I may be looking at another two months...


That is if I even win the claim, as Best Buy seems really hellbent on keeping my money.


Sad too. I've been a customer for years, and this was really panning out to be a good switch from Amazon.


But fighting this has been hell.


And it actually looks like they may be doing it again on another one of my orders...





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Will somebody PLEASE cancel my 2 "Shipping Delay" orders and refund me. PLEASE.

Phone calls or chatting seem to be impossible to get through on....


You have been sitting on these orders since May 2 and 3rd, and they have been paid for through PayPal.


Even the long awaited date you claim you'll cancel them passed 4 days ago.


I get it. You don't have them. Please stop sitting on my money.


And please forgive my slight anger....


But I'm also fighting you guys on money you still haven't refunded from another order.


After 25 years of being a loyal customer, you guys seem to want to strike out completely over the course of a single month.


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Re: Will somebody PLEASE cancel my 2 "Shipping Delay" orders and refund me. PLEASE.

Paypal orders are charged up front, they don't have any of the mechanisms that allow an "authorization" followed by a charge when the item ships.  The information quoted by the rep only applies to credit cards, so I apologize for the incorrect information.  We do have a lot of help from other areas of the company that have been temporarily suspended and some of these ordering quirks are not standard to them.


With that said, when looking at your orders what status do they show?  If they show that they were canceled, then they should be in the process of a refund.  Unfortunately Paypal, along with debit cards missing a Major Credit Card Logo, tend to be the slowest ways to get refunds.  It seems like Paypal cannot see the funds are returning until it happens, as they don't follow standard banking practice.  The moderators here can likely look into this for you, but just an FYI, they are currently responding to the customers ahead of you.  It seems that with the influx due to COVID-19, they are currently up to May 14th or there abouts.  

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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