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Lost package and no refund

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I am writing regarding my girlfriend’s complaint posted here before:


I am writing to complain about my horrible experience trying to order online from the Best Buy during the past month. I was trying to order a laptop since the mid-june. My first order was cancelled, because my office address I used said was undeliverable. The money for the transaction were held in my bank account for more than 10 days, causing me incoinvienences, even though, I contacted your team member and provided with my bank’s fax number in order to remove authorization form quicker, however, your assistance were not helpful. I also asked what was wrong with the address and the assistant told me it is fine, and that I had probably forgot to fill in a line or something. So after I have finally got my money back, I have tried to place an order again, checked the address carefully, but it was cancelled again. I contacted a team member, this time I was told that your system does not like the address. I tried to place my order with my home address, the order has finally got through, I was waiting for the delivery at home at Thursday as it said it supposed to come on the email, however, it did not come. Then apparently, it was delivered and signed by someone on Saturday (7th July), even though nobody was at home and I did not receive anything! I called best buy again, you said to go check our appartments office in case it was delivered there, and then get back to you. I checked they said they don’t get any deliveries in there. Called you again, you said you are going to start to process a refund. Then, other day, I got called from you saying the computer was found and you are going to deliver it on the next business day. I did not receive anything again, had to call you again, you said you are starting to process a refund and I will receive it by Wednesday. Off course, I did not receive any refund from you. So I called you again on Thursday, you said I have to receive anemail within 24 hours. I still did not receive any letter from you. It is ridiculous I have to go through this all situation. I am very unhappy I have to waste my time and energy, because of the company’s incompetence and I am missing 3000 dollars in my account and can’t purchase a computer I need for more than a month already. Is it possible to get any help here, or what are the next steps I should take to get my issue be finally solved?

Thanks for your consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Jul 30
Hi Ugne,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize that it has taken us so long to respond to you. We’ve been unusually busy recently, and it is taking longer than we’d like to get back to everyone.

Having an order get caught up in a shipping mishap like this is never fun, and having it on a large order like this is even worse. I’d be happy to take a look into this for you to see if there’s anything we can do to help out. Please send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post.

I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, and order number in that message, if possible. If you could also provide your shipping address, I’d appreciate that as well.

Jul 30
Hey Kyler,

Thanks for your response. My name is Ugne {removed per forum guidelines}, billing person Sarunas {removed per forum guidelines}, my email address is {removed per forum guidelines}, phone number: {removed per forum guidelines}, shipping address {removed per forum guidelines}.

Just to update you on the situation, I have contacted Bestbuy team via phone several times. So far I’ve received an email from them yesterday from Dan at 15:48 telling he contacted Fedex they said they delivered the package and someone received it and that he’s unable to process the refund and I should contact the FedEx. I called FedEx straight away, they couldn’t even track my package in their system, even tho I provided my tracking number, my name, and my address, what was completely helpless. My boyfriend ( Sarunas Eimutis) called you guys again yesterday, the lady on the phone apologized, told him they are going to process refund straight away and it will take another 15 business days. And that we should receive the email confirmation in 24-48 hours. So I received a letter regarding that call later on yesterday at 6:41pm, telling that refund will be processed depending on the result of the investigation with FedEx that will take another 8-10 business days to be completed. I thought it is completely unacceptable for us to wait again for this whole investigation and this whole thing will get even more delayed, so called Bestbuy again, what the first customer assistant did was pathetic, he just switched me to another line on FedEx, where nobody even responded, and just hang up on me. Called again, another lady said she’s very sorry, she’s going to process a request on refund again, I should again wait for a letter within 24-48 hours. I’m not sure If Im going to receive another email saying to wait another period of time for investigation. I wish someone could provide me with more certainty towards this, not just automatic lines you supposed to say or write to your customers. I’m feeling very frustrated, I did not receive my computer, I didn’t get my money for almost a month now.

So that’s the previous posts from my girlfriend’s account. I hope it would be helpful to narrate all the situation here for Bestbuy team to have a better view rather then calling hundred times and starting all over again. But for an update, it’s been another 10 business days since we contacted Bestbuy and found out that the second investigation results were exactly the same like the first one, so the supervisor Jessica was not very considerate telling us that results, however, are that FedEx said they delivered the package to someone so you won’t process a refund. I don’t understand how it could be acceptable to treat your customers like that, I have never been in a worse situation when buying online. So far, we’ve been trying to order computer from you since mid-June, when finally ordered, you manage to lose the package first, then find it and fail to deliver or deliver to someone else or get it stolen and now all you can tell me that Is that I am not going to be refunded and can say goodbye to my savings for the computer? Not mentioning wasting a month’s time of my patience and nerves calling back and forth to you and FedEx. After talking with the ignorant Jessica from Bestbuy I contacted the FedEx again, they themselves confirmed that the signature they’ve got on the package is not eligible, so they going to try to reach you to reopen the claim. I would be in shock if this situation would end with me losing my money and not being refunded for the computer I did not receive!! I really hope it can be finally solved, because this is not right, and I will not need to seek for the third parties assistance in this case.

Thank you,

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sarunas {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Lost package and no refund

Do you have a Facebook account? I have had good results with Fed Ex resolving issues through their online social media account. They are very fast to respond and have yet to dissapoint me.

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Re: Lost package and no refund

Will give it a try too, thanks for the advice.
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Re: Lost package and no refund

Greetings Sharunas28,


Thank you for reaching out on this matter. As you can understand due to our Privacy Policy we were unable continue speaking to your girlfriend regarding this matter further. Using the details you’ve shared with us in your public post I was able to review your concerns and both package investigations. I apologize for our delayed response to you post as well.


At this time we’d need uphold our phone support’s decision moving forward. I understand they may not have articulated their decision based on the details present in a very professional manner. As hockeycanuckjc shared you’re welcome to discuss your concerns with FedEx moving forward. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us here, and our Facebook too!



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