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Lost package!! Need help ASAP!! Been waiting forever for help!!!

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I purchased a Ninendo Swith Lite through Flexshopper. The device was bought and shipped from Best Buy. I have been contacting Flexshopper customer service for over a month now about my order, because it was supposedly "delivered" over a month ago, yet I never received it. Their customer service has been nothing but rude and mean since I first reported the item missing. Again, I reported this item missing OVER a month ago. Each time I contact them, they pretend I just reported it missing, even though I have records of when I reported it missing. They claim they are waiting on Best Buy to conduct an investigation on my missing item. Yet, I just received an email saying Best Buy has rejected my claim for a missing item because "the claim was submitted at least 30 days after the item was 'delivered.'" However, this is most certainly not the case. I submitted my claim for the missing item long over a month ago, which would have been a week or two after the item was marked as delivered. Both companies are just trying to come up with excuse to not fix my issue. My order is missing. It was marked as delivered but I never recevied it. Yes, I have check with my neighbors, front door, back door, apartment office and relatives. No one has accepted the package for me. Either it was lost in shipping, delivered to the wrong address or someone stole it from my porch. I am sick and tired of Flexshopper and Best Buy trying to avoid this issue. It has been long over a month and I either was a replacement order or I was a refund for my order. It is not that difficult of a situation and it most certainly shouldn't take this long to get taken care of. Please handle this immediately. It has quite literally been two months since I placed this order. I understand it is a pricey item and you want to be sure it was lost, but I have been speaking with Flexshopper, USPS and Best Buy for over a month, going on two months, about this. I would not be this determined to have this issue fixed if I didn't think I was being scammed out of my order. This is beyond ridiculous. No one should have to wait this long to receive some actual help. Again, I brought this issue forward a week or two after the item was claimed to be delivered. This is not on me. It is on Best Buy and Flexshopper for taking so long to look into this issue. Feel free to confirm with Flexshopper that I brought this issue forward over a month ago. I want help!!!!


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Re: Lost package!! Need help ASAP!! Been waiting forever for help!!!

Good afternoon, ejohns0726,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. I can certainly understand wanting to figure out exactly what is going on with order. I'd be glad to give you some details on how to get help moving forward.


Best Buy is unable to review or provide assistance with orders made via Flexshopper. I would recommend continuing to work with Flexshopper support towards a solution.


I apologize for any inconvenience that this causes. Please let us know if we can ever assist with any unrelated matters in the future.

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