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Lost Package

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On November 16th, I ordered a MacBook Pro (16 inch) from Bestbuy online which valued $2504.11 and it had promised to make the delivery of the product on the date of 17th. 


On the 17th, I didn't receive the product and it showed it’s still ‘pending’. I called Fedex to get an updated delivery date and the customer service staff said the estimated delivery date will be either 19th or 20th. 


On the 19th, still not arrived. I called back and asked Fedex customer service staff to change it from initial delivery(which was late) to pick up so I can go pick it up myself. They offered me three nearest pickup locations and I chose the first recommended station. 


Every day I followed up with Fedex by text, and until the date of 24th, it replied back to me that the anticipated pick-up date is 24th, Wednesday. Finally I was able to pick up the product that promised to get delivered on 17th - 7 days have passed from the initial delivery date. So I went ahead to the Fedex Station to get my package except that the address they gave me earlier had already changed to an insurance company which has nothing to do with Fedex station. The address they sent me earlier is {removed per forum guidelines} and then absurdly the status of my delivery changed to that I successfully received my package on the date of 17th?? stating that my doorman had received the product?? 


On the 26th, I visited the Bestbuy store located in the Skyview Mall and reported what happened. They directed me to Bestbuy Customer service and gave me a direct call number. 


Same day in the afternoon, I got in contact with Bestbuy Customer Service and elaborated on the details of this incident - missing package and change of wrong status. What they got back to me was to ask me to wait and request more time for the investigation, and asked me if I would like a replacement or a refund. 


I originally wanted a ‘replacement’ since I don’t want to go through purchasing it all again since it already cost me a lot of energy and time per se. However, I was very disappointed and skeptical about the entire Bestbuy experience and services, so I asked for a ‘refund’ instead. The Customer service staff on the line notified me that the refund will take a few days, and asked me to wait for the confirmation email. I thought normally it would take a few days to investigate and follow up with Fedex folks to go over the status and what went wrong during the delivery process so I hung up and thought this incident was considered to be solved. 


On the late night of the 26th, I received an email from Bestbuy stating that they refused to process the refund since they assumed that I received the package on the date of 17th. Saying it is not their responsibility to take care of this lost package?? After all these days, and the frustration and damage at my work performance that I faced, I really do need a transparent answer and highly doubt your investigation process. Have you even run the investigation properly? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

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Re: Lost Package

Hello, BMM, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support. I love my MacBook Pro, so I can imagine you were excited to receive this laptop purchase. I hate to hear about the runaround you were given to pick up your order with FedEx, and that you didn't end up receiving your device. I know I'd be looking for additional support now after this experience, and I'm hoping I can assist.


I will be sending you a private message shortly following up on this situation. Please check your inbox for my message, which can be accessed by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this button is visible to you.



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