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Lost Package getting the run around from UPS and Best Buy

Ordered a stereo in store on 5/12 was shipped out on 5/13 from Roanoke.  Tracking shows it arrived to Illinois on 5/14 and was on way to California with a delivery date of 5/18.  That was 6 days ago past delivery and 10 days since last scan.   I tried to contact UPS and they can't do anything as I am not the shipper so I called Best Buy customer support and they told me there was nothing to do but to go to the store and speak to them and they could order another or do a refund.  So I went to the store I purchased from and they said I could just buy another $500 stereo and return the other whenever it shows..... Doubt at this point it is coming anywhere near California.   Or just wait and contact UPS so I tried UPS again to no avail I can't file a claim and they have no new information.   I already had to cancel the install date as the stereo was not delivered and now you can't assist at getting me another one.  It is obvious through UPS I do not have the stereo as it has no delivery information so I am not sure why Best Buy can not cancel this order and get me another one without me buying another one.   I mean at this rate I have no faith if I were to buy another and it never shows up they wont keep my money again.   From looking at your feeds and social media this seems to be a common issue and as a business owner myself I can't imagine running my store like this but I guess you feel if you only scam a few of your customers it won't hurt your image like a small business like myself.  I would like to actually talk to someone who can assist and not give me the run around.  

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Re: Lost Package getting the run around from UPS and Best Buy

I don't see how your situation is a scam. UPS is a third party and Best Buy has no control over what happens with your package. Sometimes packages get misrouted to places it's not supposed to go and days later they end up at your place.

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Re: Lost Package getting the run around from UPS and Best Buy

The issue is that Best Buy won’t open a claim they say to contact UPS then UPS says that I can’t file a claim only Best Buy can. So you go back to Best Buy and they say just buy another one. This seems to be a pattern with Best Buy from reading other posts so there is the problem. Nobody actually will help me. UPS even replied to an inquiry just this morning saying it appears the package is lost so contact Best BUy again this is the 3rd day of this run around. I get packages turn up after the fact but I can’t even get them to look into it further to know for sure. If the shipper has to file a report than Best Buy should do this when I call simple as that.
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Re: Lost Package getting the run around from UPS and Best Buy

Hello, ALindseyjjc, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support with your recent purchase. I closely track my deliveries as well, so I can understand your concern when noticing the time that has passed since the last scan on your package. I hate to hear you've been given the runaround with this now and that your installation appointment had to be cancelled. I'm hoping I can look into this situation and do what I can to help now.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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Re: Lost Package getting the run around from UPS and Best Buy

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