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Lost Package Arrived After Receiving Replacement

Somehow Best Buy determined that the computer I ordered last Thursday and was supposed to receive the next day was lost by UPS so they issued me a replacement which i decided to pick up in store thius time. I piocked up the replacement yesterday and today i recieved an email saying my original order is going to be delivered today. Am I required to return the original item now that I already have the replacement, or am i legally allowed to keep both?

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Re: Lost Item Arrived After Replacement Item

I would not count on seeing it show up as the shipment was probably cancelled through UPS and will be returned by them to Best Buy.  However, if you do receive it and it shows delivered, you will most likely be charged for both.  I would call Best Buy and speak to someone asap and ask them to look up the order so that it can be cancelled in the system.



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Re: Lost Item Arrived After Replacement Item

Take a look at the credit card(s) you use for the purchase.


Chances are you will have charges for both on their. 


However, if they canceld the first and refunded your card and you do get the computer, you should do the right thing and bring it in.



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Re: Lost Package Arrived After Receiving Replacement

Welcome back to our community, Bacarnes.


Thank you for taking the time to let us know that this has occurred.


You're welcome to drop of the duplicate shipment at your local Best Buy location. If you would prefer to ship it back, please see our article, What Are My Return Options? for instructions to create a shipping label to return the duplicate item(s).


Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us with your query.

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