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Lost Order/Replacement under review

I pre-ordered the iPhone 13 Pro Max on Sep 20. On Sep 24 I got an email saying that the order had shipped and was to be delivered on or about Sep 27. I checked the UPS tracking number and it said "Lable Created", awaiting shipment from Best Buy. I waited another couple of weeks and still nothing. I contacted UPS and they did some research and discovered they had never received anything to ship. I finally called Best Buy customer service on Oct 12 and they said my order had invoiced and shipped to UPS and it was supposed to be delivered by Oct 7. I told them that the UPS had not received an order for delivery from Best Buy. The Best Buy customer service representative stated that my phone order must have gotten lost somewhere between their shipping and UPS. Stolen maybe?? So he ordered me a replacement that was available for pickup in store on Oct 14.

I went to go pick up my order on the 14th and the employee could not get the order to close out. Turns out, the employee who picked it from the shelf scanned the wrong information into the system so now the system is confused and NO ONE, not even The Bridge, knows how to fix an incorrectly scanned item. Apparently, the employee scanned the serial number in place of the IMEI number and now the system won't let it go. ON TOP of that, my order is Under Review. For potential fraud I assume? Because I ordered a high dollar item, Best Buy or another agency lost/stole it, so I ordered a replacement high dollar item? In store, we started a case number with corporate, and I was given that and a ticket number as a reference, being told it could take up to 96 hours to be resolved. I called yesterday afternoon, Oct 19 (96 hours later) and the customer service rep said the review was complete and the hold on my order lifted. I went back to the store that evening, and lo and behold, my order STILL couldn't be closed out, it had a NEW hold put in place on it as of 7pm that evening (before I even got there), and it was STILL under review. I called customer service yet again, and had to explain the situation again to another customer service agent who told me the order was still pending review....

So, I pre-ordered a phone, was given incorrect shipping dates, it allegedly got lost in shipping, ordered a replacement, which then got put under review, the employees in store nerfed the item pick from the shelf, the computer system is confused, the customer service people on the phone tell me something different every time I call, then I'm told the order review is over, but then there's a new hold and the review is still on going.

I want to know what is going on. At this point, I am exhausted from all the misinformation, being pulled in 5 different directions... This is an expensive device that has already affected my upgrade with my phone carrier, and to make matters worse, I'm already paying installments on a device that I paid for but Best Buy won't give me. I need serious help, please.
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Re: Lost Order/Replacement under review

Hello, sfzdrums, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support. I can imagine you were excited to initially receive your pre-ordered iPhone. It's stressful enough having to learn your order may have been lost or stolen while it was on its way to you, and I hate to hear that happened. Then, to endure the runaround with your local store to get your replacement item is not the kind of experience we'd want for you. I can understand your frustration in this situation, and I'm hoping I can help with your order now.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



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