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Lost Order/Printed Shipment label not shipped AKA Bestbuy scam

Hello Ya"ll I want to introduce the new Scam of the century that BestBuy is doing these days Kinda crazy and amazing but it's gotten me till the point that I'm not going to take this garbage because I am paying customers and they haven't done anything to help me resolve the situation yet. So where do I begin?

I just ordered the new iPhone 13 Pro Max and On Oct. 13th, 2021 with the option to overnight and have it Delivered on Oct 15th, 2021. Well come Oct 15th, 2021, and low and behold they never even shipped the item they only had "Printed a label ready for shipment" well I played along with it and had called them and they told me to wait until Oct. 18th, 2021. Comes Oct 18th, 2021, and again check the status with UPS and the product still was never picked up or actually shipped at that point I call them and they tell me to wait until the following day so I can make a claim and they will take care assisting me to give me options. I was able to call the following day so I ended up calling on Oct 20, 2021, and the rep opens a case file and at the same time, I am telling them that I am requesting a full refund and that I don't want the item anymore because if my expectations were supposed to be met and they definitely did not then screw this I don't need the headache. I was told to wait 24 hours so they can finish their investigation and that I would receive a refund if the item was actually not shipped which clearly is the case.


Later that night I decided to give BestBuy a second chance because I needed to purchase a new iPad Pro 12.9 for work and I also had paid for the expedited shipping because it's time-sensitive. I didn't think much of it since you know things can happen in a business so just kinda let it go and that's where I was wrong. You won't believe it but I called today Oct 21st, 2021, and I'm on the phone with the rep asking for my refund and he tells me that now I need to wait 48-72 business hours and that's where I felt my leg was being pulled and I smelt a scam here. I had told the rep that I wanted to speak to a supervisor to have this escalated and the rep clearly said well if I send you to my supervisor he will tell you the same thing and then I said ok so if that's going to be the case I"ll have you guys hash it out with my credit card Amex because I don't have the time to run around and chase my money I also have a life and I need to work. He kept repeating everything again about how I needed to be "patient" and then I was like hell no I'm not going to be patient if your not even providing any item that I had ordered and then he hung up the phone. Now later today I realized that the SAME scam with iPad occurred they basically printed the label and they did not hand it to the carrier aka UPS and its 11 pm I'm sure Ups isn't running an underground operation to steal packages.

The Moral of all of this is that I want my refund for this iPhone transaction which is a complete fluke and that I need my iPad that was ordered to be delivered tomorrow Oct 22 2021 like I was promised since I paid a premium to get it overnight. I hope some decent forum reps read all of this to have this corrected because if my concern is not taken seriously I'm sure social media can have fun with this type of nonsense

Anyways wishing everyone a good night hope you can sleep after reading all of this!!!!


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Re: Lost Order/Printed Shipment label not shipped AKA Bestbuy scam

Hello, Hilu80, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support with your recent orders. Purchasing a new iPhone and iPad should be exciting, as these are really important devices. I hate to hear about the delay you experienced and now refund/delivery issues with both of these purchases. This is never what we want for our customers, and we'd expect you to receive the best support possible in this kind of situation. I'm hoping I can assist now.


If you're still in need of help with your orders, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order numbers. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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