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Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

I order 8 Nest thermostats and on December 3 they were supposed to arrived but the package only came with one Thermostat in a small box, even though I received an email confirming the 8 Nests been delivered. I put a claim to best buy and after 15 days of investigation they concluded the investigation without a refund or a replacement. I also made a claim to UPS and they stop searching because they didn’t find anything. Now I only have one Nest and paid $1,558.71 for 8 Nest thermostat. How come they can loose 7 and do nothing about it? I’ve been buying for years from best buy and never had an issue, but this really upsets me and made me think that they are not a seriuos company anymore like they were years back.
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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Welcome to our forums, LissaCC,


Although I wish your visit to our Support Forums were under more fortunate circumstances, I do appreciate you taking to time to share your experience with us.


From what you’ve described, it sounds like our team who works with UPS to investigate these deliveries further has concluded their investigation, and we’ll be unable to provide you a different outcome here on our Support Forums.  Realizing this may not have been the answer you were hoping for, I apologize for any further disappointment this news may bring.


If you have not done so yet, I recommend filing a report with your local law enforcement agency to investigate these missing thermostats further.



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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Hello Sean, Probably I didn't explain well myself:


I bought 8 Nest Thermostats, and the box only came with ONE. In a small box that only fits one.


This case is not like other cases, in this case NO ONE stoled it from my porch, nor some one from UPS misplaced the package. The police doesn´t need to investigate if someone in San Antonio came to the house and took it.


The order status said it all came in ONE PACKAGE, with ONE order number and ONE tracking number and  I DID received ONE Package but with only ONE NEST instead of 8. What happened with the other 7?


Who was in charge to packed the 8 NEST in ONE box and ship it? That person only packed ONE and declared that he/she put 8 nest in the box.

Who supervised the orders packing? Who complete the order and said they were 8 Nest inside the same box?


The person that was in charge of packing the box and the person that authorises and supervised that BOX are the ones RESPONSIBLE of this case.


Please find those 2 people. If you do nothing and just let it pass, they will keep robbing every now and then, because NO ONE does anything about it because at the end the client pays the whole order, Best Buy think he doesn't loose anything but IT DOES, he loose Clients. What happened to Best Buy's Values? Is it that you don't care about the final client at all?


Thank you very much and I hope you can help me get to the right person that really cares about clients and will help me solve this problem of $1,500 USD.





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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Doesnt the UPS tracking number give you the size and weight of the item they picked up from bestbuy? That should at least tell you if they shipped 8 or if UPS lost 7....
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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Spot on nckhammond, also the package gets weighed by UPS at various points along the route.  If a box was pilfered, it should be visible to the UPS person who performed the investigation.

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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Hello, LissaCC,


Thanks for elaborating on that. Both nckhammond and jdogg836 have it right. If our phone team determined that the entire order was shipped, you'd need to work with local law enforcement for assistance.


If you send in a private message through the link in my signature below this post with your name, email address, and phone number, I can double-check on this to be sure.



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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

I already checked in the UPS site  for the package weight and is 13 lbs, they should have been the 8 Nest inside with that specific weight, but it was impossible because of the box size it was too small, It only fits one. Thanks.

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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

Good morning, Elisabetta,


Kyle isn’t currently available, but I’m happy to step in for him. I can understand it may be frustrating to hear a response that you were not expecting regarding investigation on your item and we’re glad to double check that for you.


At this point, I have been able to review your order details and previous cases. While not what you are wanting to hear, our internal investigation has indeed concluded that Best Buy will not be able to provide refund or replacement items for this order. I understand that you do not live within the U.S., but we would still encourage you to work with the carrier and/or local law enforcement regarding this matter as those would be your best options going forward.



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Re: Loss 7 out of 8 Nest Thermostat

You just lost a client for life. Shame on you. Nobody knows anything, the carrier UPS knows nothing about it neither, they made a research and found nothing, they just told me to talk to the shipper. I don't know what happened, but I bought from you, I paid you, is your responsability. You hire UPS to make the delivery, but you are still responsible, neither UPS nor the police, you have the responsability to find what happened.  You just desregard this issue and act like nothing happened...and now I need to buy them again, obviously NOT from you. I am so sorry, I thought you were a serious store. Amazon ,Target, Walmart they succeed because they do care about their clients. I thought you were like them, but No of course not.