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Lord of the Ring 4k steelbook collection cancel by system and tell me to pound sand.

I ordered Lord of the Ring 4k steelbook collection for in store pick up when it was first become available to be sure the steelbook won't get damage on transit.  However, on release date I got notification that it is beign delay.  I was thinking no big deal.  Then a few days later I see it available on and i was thinking mine would be good soon.  Come 2 days ago my preorder was suddenly cancelled.   I am furious and I went to chat to ask what happen and what basically tell me it got cancel by the system, , good luck getting it when it become available and tell me to pound sand.  No a single word or apology, no possible solution.  How on earth did my pre-order got shafted while people who order after me on got their steelbook.  


I found the agent responds to me to be completely unacceptable.  

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Re: Lord of the Ring 4k steelbook collection cancel by system and tell me to pound sand.

Hello, xellos2099,


Welcome back to our Best Buy forum community! Although, I do wish your reason for reaching out was a happier one. I can imagine how excited you were when you placed your pre-order for your copy of The Lord of the Rings 4K Steelbook collection, so it hurts me to learn that things didn't work out as planned. 


Our goal is always to provide the best shopping experience possible. However, we know the only way for us to get better is to learn about the times where we fell short and take them under review. 


While our Terms & Conditions state that receiving an order confirmation does not mean that we can guarantee that we can fulfill the order, I understand how having your order cancel rubbed you the wrong way. It's never fun to learn your order has been cancelled, but it's even less so when it's a product you were really looking forward to. That's not a position we meant to put you in, so I apologize that we weren't able to fulfill your order as originally planned.


That said, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know how this experience made you feel. I'd like to document your feedback here at our Corporate Office so that we can take it under consideration for what we can work on going forward. For me to get this documented, can you use the "Private Message" option in my signature below to send over your full name, phone number, email and order number?



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