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Looking for customer service corporate?

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I am writing because I have been trying to buy the Samsung s20 plus in cloud blue. Or any color really, but the cloud blue is what keeps saying it is in stock, then sold out, then in stock...

It was $649 when I first started trying. I had everything all set but your systems wouldn't accept me because I am with sprint. My billing is with them but I was on the tmobile network. I asked for help then, was put on hold and no go, it was sold out again.

I called sprint and tmobile and they both told me, yes you are a sprint customer and should be able to get a new phone.

The phone was back in stock and I tried again. Still the same problem. System tells me to call tmobile. I try to do this and then it is out of stock again.

So then the phone stays out of stock and the sale is over. It is back to $899.

Today I see new sale for $699. The phone is in stock! Desperately I message best buys mobile support and they have someone call me back. This gentlemen tells me the problem is because of the merger with sprint and tmobile and I should try putting sprint sim back in. I work with sprint for what seems like hours and I now have my sprint sim. The phone is sold out... 😭😭

Is there anything that can be done? Can I have a rain check if the sale goes off again and phone comes back in stock?

I have been trying so hard to buy it....

Theresa {removed per forum guidelines}