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Login issues

I cannot log into The error message "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again." It does not tell me what's wrong with the information I've entered. I have tried multiple browsers and devices, as well as clearing out cookies and browsing data. I am able to sign into the mobile app, though, so I know my password is correct. This issue has persisted for over a week now.

Is the website completely broken? There's also an issue with adding products to my Cart. Even when not signed in, I get a "There was a problem adding your product to cart." error whenever clicking "Add to Cart" on any item. This issue began earlier this month. 

Now, I need assistance with the TV I bought, and I can't sign in to access my Protection Plan.


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Re: Login issues

I don't know if this will help your issue, but we actually had a member on the forum that was able to address their issue by disabling their ad blocker on their browser. Does this situation apply to you?

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Re: Login issues

That seemed to work for both issues. Thanks!

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Re: Login issues

That worked perfectly, thank you!