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Lied to about a refund

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Started a customer service chat regarding a delayed delivery due to a 3rd party shipper. Initially requested to just have them remove the shipper from being able to deliver orders to me but the CS agent Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} stated I would be getting refunded for the order as well. I stated I still wanted the order and she said yes and that I would be getting a refund. I have the chat logs saved from the conversation. Fast forward to today and I call the 888 customer service number to follow up and nothing has been done. CSA Russell instead offers me a 50 dollar gift card and tells me they can't refund. I ask to be escalated to a manger who has refund authority and they state they are all trained the same and that no refund was possible. When I insisted I was placed on hold for what is now 20 minutes. 1) If they're all trained the same why was I told I would be refunded when it's not part of the training. 2) Why is Russell speaking for his manager instead of just forwarding me. And 3) why do I have to call to find out I was lied to and Best Buy never entended to refund anything. Also I wanted to upload the chat logs but obviously am unable to here. 

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Re: Lied to about a refund

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Chat Start TimeChat End TimeChat DurationOperatorInteraction IDMar 28, 2021 00:13:14 GMTMar 28, 2021 00:37:37 GMT00:24:22Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}INT-va1appis16-1616890351472-118738


ChatBot (00:13:14 GMT) : Beginning of a non-XXX bots history message(s).
ChatBot (00:13:14 GMT) : XXX-03-28T00:12:27.XXX-00:00USER: BOT:We are connecting you with the next available Agent.
ChatBot (00:13:14 GMT) : XXX-03-28T00:12:27.XXX-00:00USER: BOT:We are connecting you with the next available Agent.
Auto-Generated Message (00:13:14 GMT) : A service technician will be with you shortly
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:13:25 GMT) : Thank you for choosing Best Buy, my name is Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}. How may I assist you today?
Visitor (00:13:53 GMT) : Is there a way to file a complaint on a third party delivery service that you use?
Visitor (00:14:18 GMT) : or maybe set a preference on my future orders to not use them
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:15:04 GMT) : Mostly we use UPS, USPS and Fedex and some internal carriers by our own Best Buy.
Visitor (00:15:23 GMT) : I understand but this time you used Lonestar Overnight
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:15:27 GMT) : May I know the   third party delivery you are referring to?
Visitor (00:15:38 GMT) : Lone Star Overnight
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:15:45 GMT) : I am   sorry to know that.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:16:40 GMT) : We will definitely escalate this to our superiors and I will make sure that you wont receive any third party service from now.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:16:47 GMT) : Can you please help me with the order number?
Visitor (00:16:51 GMT) : {removed per forum guidelines}
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:17:00 GMT) : Thank you.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:17:07 GMT) : May I please take a 2-3 minutes to look into this for you? I appreciate your patience.
Visitor (00:17:14 GMT) : thank you
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:19:45 GMT) : Thank you for staying online.
Visitor (00:19:52 GMT) : no problem
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:20:07 GMT) : I have filed a complaint and clearly mentioned notes.
Visitor (00:20:37 GMT) : thank you. For documentation purposes please allow me to type out the reason for my complaint.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:20:43 GMT) : They   will definitely take action and I promise you that you wont receive any third party service from now.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:20:51 GMT) : Sure thing!
Visitor (00:21:34 GMT) : My wife and I took this past Friday off as we had pre-ordered the monster hunter rise collectors edition from Best Buy. A problem I encountered is that i could not choose to deliver to a store rather than get it shipped to my house
Visitor (00:22:07 GMT) : I got the notifications that Lone Star Overnight (LSO) was going to ship and deliver to us on that Friday
Visitor (00:22:36 GMT) : Friday came and went with the best buy notification showing that it was to be delivered that day, but it obviously wasnt
Visitor (00:23:03 GMT) : I woke up saturday and called LSO customer service at XXX am central time.
Visitor (00:23:22 GMT) : I was number 32 in line according to the automated system
Visitor (00:23:43 GMT) : at approx 1200pm I finally got a representative to answer
Visitor (00:24:36 GMT) : They told me that per their route trace that the packages has been picked up from the best buy warehouse in Oklahoma, taken to Dallas, TX, then were taken BACK to Oklahoma
Visitor (00:24:48 GMT) : With no reason stated in their notes
Visitor (00:25:32 GMT) : I then stated that it was very inconsiderate to not update their own page with that information on that website as the last update I was able to view was on the 25th
Visitor (00:25:52 GMT) : She apologized and then told me that it would be delivered at the earliest on monday
Visitor (00:26:33 GMT) : You can imagine my dismay to find that my wife and I had taken a day off for nothing as well as waste a half a day at home waiting on a package that was never going to show up
Visitor (00:26:50 GMT) : Anyway thank you for documenting this complaint
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:27:47 GMT) : I totally understand your concern.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:27:53 GMT) : I apologize you for any inconvenience or frustration you encountered with our services.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:28:13 GMT) : I totally understand hoe inconvenient it would be.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:28:41 GMT) : I will summarize   the notes and document the complaint.
Visitor (00:28:53 GMT) : Thank you so much
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:29:30 GMT) : We will definitely take care of it and I can strongly say that you won't feel any inconvenience with our services again.
Visitor (00:29:44 GMT) : In the event I make another online order and another 3rd party delivery service is used, what is my recourse?
Visitor (00:29:53 GMT) : if any
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:31:36 GMT) : We   will refund   you for inconvenience in this case. However, I assure you that you wont receive any 3rd party delivery for your next purchase.
Visitor (00:32:09 GMT) : ok, but I still want the product. I dont want to cancel my order
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:33:27 GMT) : You will receive this order by 29th.
Visitor (00:34:14 GMT) : Thank you. Am i to understand you are refunding this order and delivering me this product? I am sincerely thankful
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:35:02 GMT) : Yes.   We will submit this to our respective team and they will investigate about it and will notify you about it . They will also write an email to you regarding the refund.
Visitor (00:35:32 GMT) : Wow, that is really above and beyond my expectations. I am sincerely grateful
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:35:54 GMT) : Best Buy never disappoints a loyal customer like you.
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:35:58 GMT) : Best Buy always cares for a valuable customer like you.
Visitor (00:36:09 GMT) : I really appreciate it
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:36:33 GMT) : Thank you so much!
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:36:42 GMT) : May I know is there anything else I can help you with?
Visitor (00:36:59 GMT) : No thank you. I appreciate your time
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines} (00:37:23 GMT) : Stay safe and healthy!
Lilly {removed per forum guidelines}(00:37:27 GMT) : It has been my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for being a valued customer of Best Buy.

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Re: Lied to about a refund

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Hello, alflo3000,


Welcome back to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and let us know about your experience with this order and getting assistance with it. Monster Hunter Rise looks like an awesome game and I know how exciting it is to play a new game as soon as it comes out. It's very odd to hear that this package was returned to us, I would be glad to take a closer look and see why this happened and what I can do to help you moving forward.


To start out, I'd like to review your order and will need gather a few more details to do. Can you please send a private message with your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


I'd also like to review your chat history and document your experience here at our Corporate Campus. You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. Once I have these details I'll be able to check out these chat transcripts for you. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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