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Leaving Best Buy after decades of purchases

Over the decades I have been a loyal BB customer choosing them over Amazon and other retailers. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with the company but no more. I’m transferring my custom to other retailers. Why is this you ask?

I have been a loyal customer but I feel BB has not been loyal to me. I’ve been trying to get a next gen console since launch (yes I know like everyone else) BB could have stepped up here and offered priority purchases to loyal BB customers (like me) but they didn’t, instead they took me and others like me for granted. As such my loyalty to the company is one sided and I’m not giving them by $ any more.
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Re: Leaving Best Buy after decades of purchases

I'm sorry but high demand items have always become first come, first serve like all retailers. Even since the Pre-Order window. Other retailers too will have the first come, first served system as well. To the best of my knowledge having Elite or Elite plus does not put you into front of the line for buying a console, or perhaps other products for that matter.


Even those "You can only shop here if you join our club" retailers will still not have loyalty or priority of buying a console.

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Re: Leaving Best Buy after decades of purchases

You are going to find that you can go somewhere else and not get one either.

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Re: Leaving Best Buy after decades of purchases

Um no.. pick me to buy one, I am obviously more important than every other customer!! Lol