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Items missing from the box

I placed my order for the canon EOS M50 April 27, 2020 and it came in April 29 . When I opened the box there was Everything but the CAMERA itself and the lens . First I called best by customer service where I waited for 45 minutes to speak to someone. They told me they were going to transfer me and all I heard was a machine repeatedly saying “please wait. Finally it said my call could not be connected and hung up on me . So I called again this time I waited 51 minutes and when I finally talked to someone I explained to her that las time I was transferred it had hung up on me , she said she understood and she would makes sure I talked to someone . As soon as she transferred me the phone said THEY COULD NOT TAKE MY CALL BECAUSE OF A HOLIDAY SALE ! So I called again and now I can’t talk to anyone at all because of the sale . I even tried the online chat where it said “try again later” I WILL NEVER VE ORDERING FROM BEST BUY AGAIN. I want my camera or my money back and I want it now .