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Items consistently come damaged when shipped and now I can't get a refund back?

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I have gotten constant items delivered to me that are always damaged dented and poorly packaged.  I brought this complaint up through phone and live chat many times.


My last straw was an item delivered late February and I contacted someone within the return time window and sent it back.  Apparently I was given the cheapest shipping option to send back and it took 10-15 days for it to arrive back to you.


A month went by and no refund was processed to me. I reached out back last week and was told my case was esclaated:  case ID {removed per forum guidelines} and was told I would get contacted in 72 hours as there was a delay in the refund processing  


More than a week has gone by and no refund was processed which is getting riduclous.  It's always something when I deal with customer service and EVERYTIME I CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I spend 3-4 hours trying to get simple things resolved and sometimes chat disconnects or doesn't work.  I just don't have that time to devote to fixing small issues.


I am very very very tempted to just dispute this payment with my credit card but rather than taking a shadowban I want to solve this diplomatically, can someone assist me?