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Item not received and no replacement or refund issued

I ordered a Roomba i7 plus that was on sale for $499 totaling $527. Approximately 3 days later I received a text saying the item was delivered, however I never received the item. I spoke to neighbors, and not one saw or received the package. I called Best Buy and was told I could receive a refund, or a replacement item and I chose a replacement item and asked if I could pick it up at the Best Buy store instead of it being shipped to avoid this situation happening again. I was told the order was placed and I would receive notification to pick up my item. After days I had no notification and when I checked my account the order was still processing. I called Best Buy and was told once again that I should receive an email within 2 hours and if I didn't to go to a Best Buy location. After work I went to a Best Buy store and spoke to a manager about the situation, she said she would call them and went to the back for about 25-30 minutes when she returned, she said that I should be receiving a confirmation by the next day to pick up my replacement. The next day I checked my account and my order was cancelled. I once again called Best Buy and this time was told to email I sent an email explaining my situation and received a response stating that an investigation was conducted, and I would not be receiving a replacement or refund and to contact authorities. I did report the incident to the authorities and have a police report but now what?

At this point I am completely astonished with the customer service, the loss of my time dealing with this situation and the fact that a Company such as Best Buy would treat a customer in such a way. Best Buy must have some insurance that covers loss, something obviously happened when this item was ordered during the Christmas season. The carrier could have misplaced it and marked it as delivered. The item simply could have been stolen. I thought items over $500 required a signature or would be hidden behind a trash can or bush. Best Buy stole money from me. My account was debited when the order was placed, and no item was ever received.

I just got off the phone with Best Buy Customer Care and was told that a refund was processed on Nov. 30th, 2022. This information is obviously incorrect. I am posting this message in hopes that someone from Best Buy can assist me. I have made many large purchases from Best Buy and don’t want a non-received item to be the end of my consumer relationship with them.

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Re: Item not received and no replacement or refund issued

Hello, Reyna505. 


Thank you for reaching out us on the Best Buy forums page today. I can understand how frustrating this experience has been for you. I will like to do some research into this issue to see what information I can find out for you. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email? Also, if you have the order number that would be helpful. 


Thank you, 

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Re: Item not received and no replacement or refund issued

For those who read this forum, Best Buy has decided that to not refund or replace my item. They also denied my dispute through my bank. I basiclly donated $540 to Best Buy. I have documents from the delivery service they use Roadie (NOT USPS or FEDEX) that shows the Roomba i7 Plus in front of a doorstep. There is no picture identifying the address and I live in condos that all look the same. End Result I never received the product I purchased and paid for.

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Re: Item not received and no replacement or refund issued

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