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Item not delivered

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Dear Best Buy Team,

I have already spent about 2 hours with several hard to understand, far away sounding, people on the phone and there still is no solution to my problem.

I ordered 2 items of which the refrigerator arrived Tuesday and the Microwave was supposed to arrive Monday, but so far never arrived. Then the delivery was in the app scheduled for Tuesday. It never arrived. Tuesday the tracking said the pickup was delayed and the status said “canceled”.

I contacted Deliv and they said, Best Buy told them my order was not in the system, so they couldn’t hand out the item to the driver.

Then I called Best Buy and after 30 Minutes and a few different people and callbacks, I was promised, that the microwave will be delivered Wednesday.

Wednesday then the same. The tracking in the app stated, "pickup delayed" and the status "canceled"!! Again!
I could see, that it was a new attempt, because the driver had changed. So, I called Best Buy again and was told, that they don't see any status changes in their system, the item will arrive later the day. Guess what! I didn't.


I got in touch with Deliv again today and they told me "Best buy was unable to scan the package out of their system and give it to us so the delivery was cancelled."

So, I called Best Buy AGAIN and after a wait time of 14 Minutes, I was on the phone with some foreign country AGAIN for a total 30 minutes, just to be told, that my order can't be cancelled, because it is in delivery status! Well the tracking states “canceled”!

This whole process is a farce! I don't have a microwave and I wasted about 2 hours being on the phone with different Best Buy representatives... and since still nothing is taken care of, I am writing this. Who has time for this?

The customer service really went down the drain. Not only, that half of the time it is really hard to understand the reps, because they are so far away, or the line is cutting out, or they are speaking with a really hard to understand accent...

Please just cancel my order, refund my money and I will go and buy my Microwave at Walmart or Amazon.



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Re: Item not delivered

Sorry, but I am just frustrated at this pint. The phone support is really terrible...

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Re: Item not delivered

Thank you for reaching out to us with your feedback! It definitely seems that this process has been very time consuming for you. I apologize for the long wait times, and for not getting some definitive answers. I have had orders before in the past that have been delayed, and it is very frustrating when the dates keep getting pushed out further and further. I can definitely take a look into your order for you and get some answers. Can you please send a direct message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number?



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