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Issues receiving my copy of FF7 Remake

So, long story.
I have a copy of the Deluxe version of the FF7 Remake pre-ordered, originally to be shipped to my home. So yesterday, seeing that Best Buy was doing an early release of the game, I tried to call my local store, unsuccessfully, no one was answering, so I drove over. I talked to the associate that was handling the curbside pickups, and asked that since online I still had the option to do an instore pickup instead of it being shipped, if I changed it right there would I be able to receive my copy, to which they replied yes.
So I made the change, but the status said pickup on Saturday the 11th, not even release day now. I talked to the associate again who radioed someone inside to check on the order, who said that it was under fraud verification and they'd let me know as soon as anything changed. So after sitting in my car for an hour in the parking lot, the curbside associate came up to my car to inform me that the employee who was monitoring the order had gone home without updating them, off home i went without my copy.
After I got home I called the 1-(888) Best Buy number, after an 1.5 hour wait I was told that the order wasn't on hold for verification, but that my local store never had a copy they'd have been able to give me until they received another shipment.
I checked other stores in my state, and found one 2.5 hours away that I could pick up my copy at, once again saying today, the 10th, so i made the change. Well it changed to Saturday the 11th again once i confirmed the change, but i had to wait until today to call anyone to find out why.
I asked my girlfriend to call the store for me while i jumped in the shower, she was finishing up the call as i got out and told me they said they didnt have any copies either. I said the heck with it, I'll change it back to my local store and get it when i get it, but that option wasn't available to me, but the other store still was and I could even still buy copies online, so I called back. They said they had found some copies and on their side it said I should be able to pick it up today, and to just wait an hour for the email saying it was ready for pickup, if I didnt receive it in that time to call back. I didn't receive one so I called back, they said it was under a verification hold.
I called the corporate number again, another 1.5 hour wait on hold, to be told they cant do anything.
Finally I called the store back and asked if I could just cancel the preorder and buy a copy, they said yes, but I ran into an issue because when I preordered it was my birthday month so i got 10% off for that, and I had a gamers club subscription so that was another 20% which had since ended, and I had used My Rewards points for another $5 off. They told me I was out of luck and they wouldn't match that price, they said it wasn't their mistake to fix.
Anyone else had this much trouble with an order through Best Buy before?
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Re: Issues receiving my copy of FF7 Remake

Hey there, Roland357,


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your thoughts and feedback about your Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order. This has been a highly anticipated game and I can tell that you were super excited to start playing.


Generally speaking, when requesting modification to an order, systems should automatically go through a verification check prior to the change being approved and processed. This does take time and in some rare cases result in changes to price, availability, or even (if rare cases) cancellation. An example of a risk of requesting such a change with a limited availability item is confusion with inventory since that can change quickly. If only one item is available, for instance, another customer could place an online order before your modification has finished processing or buy the last copy from the floor (when stores are open to traffic).


With all of this said, I’m disappointed that your fulfillment changes didn’t go as smoothly as the original store agent you spoke with had expected and I’m sorry for any disappointment or stress you may have felt. At this point, using your forum registration information, I believe I found your online order and it appears you picked it up on April 11. While I cannot change what has gone before, I will absolutely record this situation here at the Corporate level so that it can be available for internal consideration as Best Buy continuously works to improve for the future. If there is anything else that I can assist with here, please don’t hesitate to reach back out.


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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