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Issue while validating credit card



I trying to pay for a buy and after validating my credit card, I'm stuck with a blank square in the middle of the page (where appeared the validation dialog)


I'm an international customer, but I'm trying to ship to a friend's house, in NY. 


Would you please help me?





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Re: Issue while validating credit card

Hey Fernando,


Thanks for reaching out to us on our forums and for wanting to shop with us!  I'm sorry to hear that you're having some troubles placing an order with us from overseas, but I'll be happy to advise you on this.


International Orders must meet specific requirements and follow a particular set of steps in order to process correctly.  I'd recommend reviewing the article below as a starting point.  To try and troubleshoot your issues placing an order online, I would recommend clearing your browser's cookies and cache.  If that doesn't work, you should be able to place a new order with our sales team over the phone at (800) 433-5778.


International Orders


I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Issue while validating credit card



I have tried with 3 different browsers (chrome, firefox & edge) and no one worked. Cache and cookies have been cleaned before doing the buy and checkout. 


Taking a look at the inspection window, I saw some errors regarding cross site communication, between bestbuy checkout and the credit card operator. 


I tried also paying with paypal, but I got a message saying that only usa-based paypal accounts are allowed. 


I'm running out of time. I need to buy the items as soon as possible because the person who will bring me then will travel next week. 



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Re: Issue while validating credit card

Hello again, jflmachado,


Knowing you're needing to place an order with us, which we appreciate you making Best Buy your shopping destination, I'm wanting to share with you the phone number to make an international purchase with us.  Please call 1-800-237-8289 to place your order over the phone!  

Thanks for stopping by to ask for our assistance!

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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