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Issue With Autopay

I am very unhappy with Best Buy / Citibank in general and would not recommend banking with Citibank or holding a credit card with/through Citibank (i.e. Bestbuy).  My husband and I each have a Citibank credit card as well as a joint Best Buy account.  The many years we have been a customer of Citibank, we have paid our bill on time if not early.  As for our account with Best Buy, the 3+ years we have had that account, we setup our account to be on autopay.  My husband deployed to Bahrain for a year in January 2018 which is stressful in and of itself not to mention I was sitting for the February 2018 Bar Exam.  For some reason our autopay stopped in February (we are assuming its because my husband was in Bahrain and maybe it triggered an alert or something, our autopay stopped.  It did not come to my attention until March that our February payment was not processed.  I immediately set the autopay backup and paid through April.  I checked with NavyFed and confirmed that at the time the February payment should have gone through our checking account had over $7,000 in it.  So I know that was not the issue.  My husband and I take our credit very seriously.  It is important to us that we pay all of our bills on time.  However, now through no fault of our own, we have a ding against our credit for a late payment.  Despite offering to provide Best Buy/Citibank with copies of our bank statement that month and my husband deployment orders, Citibank has refused to remove the negative mark from our credit report.  Given our history with Best Buy/Citibank and the fact that it is "unknown" why the autopay stopped, Best Buy/Citibank would have removed the negative mark even if it was done as a one time courtesy.  

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Re: Issue With Autopay

Hi TeresaMcQueen,

Welcome to the forums. Thanks for the post! As someone who relies on different auto-pay services on a regular basis, I can imagine the frustration in finding out that your payments weren’t actually going through. I’m sorry that happened! 

For an issue like this that deals with your financial account, I would have to direct you to the issuer of the My Best Buy Credit Card, which is Citi. They can be reached at 1-888-574-1301 and I’m sure an agent would be happy to take your call and discuss this matter with you.

I hope this information helps! 


Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Issue With Autopay

This doesnt happen to me once but three times already and I had to pay late fee THREE times already because of this disappointing Autopay (Dec, Jan and Mar). I set up and received the confirmation email showing that it’s successfully done but then I didn’t see them taking the money on the date so I went back and saw only the late fees. I emailed them and they just said that I have to call to the phone#. I called and the line was busy so I gave up. I don’t know how Bestbuy is a big company but let this happen to the customer. I really don’t want to miss any payment but I was kinda busy so trust Autopay and then got disappointed. After 3 times this happened to me, this looks to me not like an accident or system error but it’s all on purpose. So so so upset