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Is there someone who really can answer on when I will get my money from best buy for a return?

The product was returned and received by Best buy on the 6th of Jan and still after a month customer service representatives have no clue on why a return is not being processed. All they can see is "refund is under process" and cannot provide any information. CR's have said, I assure you will get your money in 24 hrs, if not will personally call and follow up which never happens. They blame it on the system and inter department SOP (Standard operating procedure) where they cannot do anything further. When asked if this how a customer is supposed to be treated, the response is "3 years ago we had a better system and now with our "SMART Systems" we can't do much. Each rep has a different story about the stauts of my case, one person says its escalated, one person said it was closed without action and the other person wanted to open a new case and wait for 15 days to determine next steps"


The question is simple - " Is there some one in Best Buy who can answer a simple question where is my return money".

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Re: Is there someone who really can answer on when I will get my money from best buy for a return?

Hi there, deepakchandran,

Welcome to our community! Getting a refund should be simple, so I'm disheartened to hear about the complications that have taken place when trying to check on your refund status. While the refund time frame may vary based on your return method as outlined in our Return & Exchange Promise, it should never feel like your lost in the dark when checking on this. I'd like the opportunity to look further into this and provide any insights that I can!

So that I can review this further, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? You can send me a secure message by using the Private Message button below in my signature. I hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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